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New Electric Vehicle Charging Bays for Baldock Services

25th June 2021by aperturemarketingukNews

After recent petitions, TV programmes and growing public concern for the environment, there has been a sharp rise in electric vehicle sales throughout the UK. With nearly 260,000 pure electric cars on UK roads at the end of May 2021 and more than 535,000 plug-in models, including plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

The demand for electric vehicle charging bays has never been higher. To keep up with this ever-increasing demand, Baldock Service station has added two new electric vehicle charging bays to their car park – giving electric motorists more choice when stopping to recharge. Since 2016 there has been a 220% increase in electric vehicle chargers, with no evidence of that rate slowing anytime soon.

At Baldock services, one of the Riggotts’ line marking crew carried out 150m of 100mm white lining and four electric vehicle charging logos in thermoplastic paint.

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New Electric Vehicle Charging Bays


The power you’re supplying. It’s electrifying.

29th February 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

As tensions in the world rise when regarding the evergrowing threat of global warming, Riggotts are leading the way in electric vehicle charging bay installations, with over 10,000 completed nationally to date, electrifying the way for greener energy.

Not only is this a greener source of energy but is cleaner too – no more C02 emissions and toxic gasses are emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels – reducing the greenhouse gas effect on our planet.

This time the Riggotts paint crew was called out to a site in Bournemouth, which called for the line marking of two electric vehicle charging bays. In total, the experienced team carried out two custom made Instavolt Logos, eighteen letters and 44 metres of line marking; Riggotts lined the works in a single pack epoxy paint to ensure strength and durability.

Did you know that Riggotts can create any design and use it in a specially tailored stencil for your business? Well they can, a perfect example of this is with the InstaVolt logos. Whatever the design, Riggotts can deliver.

Keeping in with a green theme, Riggotts line marking has invested in several new paint spray machines – one that doesn’t run on the standard fossil fuel but is entirely electric. This not only improves the health and safety aspects of working with the machine but improves the carbon footprint of Riggotts itself.

Another way Riggotts have adopted a greener form of working is their ultra line marking service. A paint that is instantly cured by ultraviolet light – reducing time spent on-site and only requires electricity to power the strong light source.

If you’re looking for a greener alternative or if you require expert advice about your line markings get in touch today via email or freephone for your free, non-obligational quote.

electrifyingUltra Line Marking in warehouse


Embracing change with Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

11th December 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

With an ever-growing concern for climate change, people in the UK and globally have the option to drive more economically – hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the UK car market. 

According to a recent study carried out by Zap-Map, a company which monitors the UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, there are approximately 4,800 locations which provide nearly 7,500 chargers for electric vehicles. These figures are steadily increasing with, on average, 700 new sites year on year. At this consecutive increase of electric vehicle charging bays, it poses a waiting game until the charging stations outnumber the UK’s 8,500 fuel filling stations.

Riggotts, a company that embraces innovation and is at the forefront of its industry, has installed over 1000 electric vehicle charging bays and continues to install more as they become more in demand. 

To compete with the growing demand for electric vehicle charging bays, Riggotts provide national coverage for multiple clients, ranging from major supermarket car parks to motorway services.

Using clearly defined line markings, Riggotts make sure the line markings they deliver not only stand out but make a lasting impression on the customer, whether it be simple bays or a custom-designed layout.

Will electric vehicle charging bays be a big part of the future? It’s sure looking that way. So why not get ahead and contact Riggotts today for your free, no-obligation quote via freephone or email.

electric vehicle charging bays


Booths taking charge with brand new bays for electric vehicles

29th July 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

With electric vehicles marking the beginning of a new automotive era, and the acknowledgement that climate change is posing a real threat to our future, businesses around the country are upgrading their car parking spaces.

Prioritising a select few for Electric Vehicles, these spaces have state of the art chargers which will top up your vehicle whilst you visit the stores.

Founded in 1847 and based in Preston with 28 stores located throughout the North of England, Booths is a chain of high-end supermarkets.

Keeping climate change in mind, the Dunamis Group tasked Riggotts to carry out works for the northern operating supermarket chain at several stores.

To achieve the best adhesion and improve the longevity of the paint, Riggotts jetwashed the surface, cleaning it of any dirt or other grit which would have impeded the durability of the paint. The products used on-site were red and white single pack epoxy paint. The perfect solution for vibrant colours and improved longevity.

In total, the Riggotts operatives carried out over 300m of white lining and four Instavolt logos, making the bays eye-catching and easily recognisable for the customers with Electric Vehicles, advertising the fact they can charge their electric vehicles at the store.

Adapting to newer technology and giving the public a place to recharge their electric vehicles not only entices new customers to your store but give the impression that the store is environmentally aware and is actively going out its way to prevent climate change.

In an effort to reduce their impact on the environment Riggotts have invested over £250,000 in new vehicles packed with the latest technology in fuel efficiency lowering the carbon footprint the nationally operating company emits.

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Charging forwards with the EV revolution

11th June 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

There’s no doubt electric cars are becoming more commonplace on UK roads. With the increasing awareness of the impact that fossil fuels are having on the environment, as well as the incentives from the government, an estimated 214,000 plug-in cars now wander the UK’s roads.

Service stations, as well as many overnight facilities, have begun adopting electric too – there are now around 23,500 charging points across the UK.

Engenie Ltd, a national network of charging ports across the UK, reached out to Riggotts to improve the visibility and aesthetics of their charging bays in Worcester. The Riggotts team (supporters of the green initiative) quickly attended to the call.

To mark the electric vehicle bays, Riggotts used durable, long-lasting single-pack epoxy and great craftsmanship to create the bays at the client’s request.

The 214,000 people driving plug-in cars have become a market segment of their own. If your facility or accommodation doesn’t have the means to keep their Tesla topped up, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

That’s why many businesses are now choosing to install charging facilities on their premises – to boost custom and reduce emissions.

Electric vehicle bays also help to improve the appearance of your business, showing that you’re committed to providing customers with a green alternative to power as well as proving your commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Riggotts have long been believers in keeping green, that’s why in 2019 we invested over £500,000 to update our fleet and take advantage of the new low-emission Euro 6 engines.

Whether you’re designing a new car park and want to include electric vehicle bays, or simply wanting to add them to your existing one, get in touch with our team. You can visit our contact page here.


Charging ahead with Centrica

29th May 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

With an increasing number of electric vehicles in use, British multinational energy and services company Centrica required electric charging bays at their headquarters in Windsor. So they approached Riggotts for the royal treatment. Our experienced team (we never use sub-contractors) chose Thermoplastic for the markings and logos. Applying this long-lasting material guarantees a finish with real mileage.

Completed Electric Charging Bay 2


Charging forward with Walkers

25th May 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Walkers may be known for their crisps, but they’ve also installed Electric Vehicle Charging Bays at their Coventry Headquarters. Of course, when it came to driving the project forward they chose Riggotts. We designed and installed all the bay markings on-site. With the UK in line to ban of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 we envisage completing more Electric Vehicle Charging Bay markings in the future. And in keeping with the project’s sustainable aim, line markings were completed with MMA Epoxy Resin to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Completed EVC Bays 2 Completed EVC Bays 1

Riggotts Line Marking

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