Booths taking charge with brand new bays for electric vehicles

29th July 2019by galinar84News

Booths taking charge with brand new bays for electric vehicles

29th July 2019by galinar84News


With electric vehicles marking the beginning of a new automotive era, and the acknowledgement that climate change is posing a real threat to our future, businesses around the country are upgrading their car parking spaces.

Prioritising a select few for Electric Vehicles, these spaces have state of the art chargers which will top up your vehicle whilst you visit the stores.

Founded in 1847 and based in Preston with 28 stores located throughout the North of England, Booths is a chain of high-end supermarkets.

Keeping climate change in mind, the Dunamis Group tasked Riggotts to carry out works for the northern operating supermarket chain at several stores.

To achieve the best adhesion and improve the longevity of the paint, Riggotts jetwashed the surface, cleaning it of any dirt or other grit which would have impeded the durability of the paint. The products used on-site were red and white single pack epoxy paint. The perfect solution for vibrant colours and improved longevity.

In total, the Riggotts operatives carried out over 300m of white lining and four Instavolt logos, making the bays eye-catching and easily recognisable for the customers with Electric Vehicles, advertising the fact they can charge their electric vehicles at the store.

Adapting to newer technology and giving the public a place to recharge their electric vehicles not only entices new customers to your store but give the impression that the store is environmentally aware and is actively going out its way to prevent climate change.

In an effort to reduce their impact on the environment Riggotts have invested over £250,000 in new vehicles packed with the latest technology in fuel efficiency lowering the carbon footprint the nationally operating company emits.

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