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Leading the industry with our unique health, safety, and wellbeing solutions?

Riggott & Co Ltd has been a front runner in Road Markings for over a quarter of a century. 

Proud of our family heritage, we continue innovating in the UK Road Markings Industry. 

Over the last few years, we have grown from strength to strength. We always try to use technology to improve our business operations and are constantly on the lookout for new technological advancements that can help us to maintain an outstanding level of service across the UK and other countries.

Our latest innovation has helped us by shifting Riggotts from a predominantly paper-based health and safety system to an electronic cloud-based health, safety, and wellbeing solution.

These dedicated champions have provided our entire team with tools to deliver more efficient and effective safety and health management in just a short time. Workers have instant access to health, wellbeing, and safety information 24/7 365. Our safety champions monitor each person’s competence, assessing and improving as required.

Communication with our staff is paramount; all workers have 365 access to a dedicated wellbeing champion, no matter where they are and what task they are undertaking. Our connection with an award-winning cloud-based health, safety, and wellbeing system ensures that all risk assessments, method statements, and COSHH assessments are issued directly to all staff – before starting work.

Ensuring all our worker’s working time is within the regulations fuelled innovation and key strategic business improvements.

Workers have full access to fatigue, training, monitoring, and extensive information.

Our fatigue monitor also provides all operations managers with instant access to working time calculations, allowing them to make analytical changes to job management and reviewing workers rest time.

Another vital improvement was investing in more reliable vehicles with safety features not included in older models. Safer and more sustainable equipment ensures our workers have the best facilities possible.

We regularly update our clients with key performance indicators, helping them fulfil their safety and sustainability objectives. Our specialised HGV training program has seen multiple workers and management progress up through the ranks to NVQ Level 6 Ofqual regulated diplomas – providing our customers with the most suitable and qualified professionals.

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Our newly dedicated health and safety champions understand the importance of frontline health, safety, and wellbeing. 


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