Riggott & Co Ltd are a nationwide road marking contractor who consistently invests in new equipment for our worker’s safety, and ensuring our clients have the best service any road line marking contractor can provide.

Riggotts take their responsibility as a leading and trusted nationwide contractor very seriously; we ensure all our equipment is to the highest standards and specification. Any equipment falling below our exceptionally high standard is removed from service and replaced with new equipment.

Investments in Vehicle Safety

During 2020 and 2021, Riggotts invested substantially in vehicle cameras, reducing the risk of harm for our drivers, passengers, and those affected by our works. Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind, our multi-use cameras are fitted to all vehicle cabs focusing on driver and co-driver behaviours and supporting our fatigue management.

Cameras are also fitted to the outside of vehicles and trailers, giving the worker a 360º view whilst manoeuvring.

New additions to our fleet.

Riggott & Co Ltd fully complies with legal requirements by guaranteeing all our vehicles are fully serviced and checked by workers daily before use – this ensures that we are complying with VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency). Our regular checks help us to ensure that we catch any issues that the vehicles may have, this allows us to make repairs, upgrades or purchase additional vehicles where needed.

In 2020 – 2022, we will have added to our extensive fleet: four short wheelbase commercial vehicles, three new line marking wagons and one new runway joint and cutting machine, supporting our international airport project team.

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Riggotts’ state-of-the-art Multi Mark Machine

This Multi-Mark marking machine ensures the safe and accurate delivery of hundreds of meters of line marking in just a single session.

This considerable investment in new technology and sustainable equipment was a management decision to create a more streamlined and productive workforce. This investment also bolsters our responsibility to be a company of choice by many high-ranked businesses.

Riggotts also supports an extensive supply chain. Our comprehensive line marking subdivision ensures 24/7 365 support, no matter the location of our vehicles at any given time.

Sustainable Machinery and Equipment.

Not all companies in our industry recognise the importance of high specification equipment and workers development, especially in safety, health, and wellbeing. Riggott & Co’s commitment to safety, health, and wellbeing is paramount and all-encompassing throughout our plant and equipment management.

All our clients value our commitment to the use and upkeep of high specification equipment and worker safety. All equipment is checked and cleaned after use, ensuring the client has the best equipment for the activity. Any equipment falling below our exceptionally high standard is taken out of service, repaired, or replaced with new equipment.

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We have also contributed substantial funds to new sustainable machinery and machinery upgrades.

With new equipment comes the requirement to invest more time and resources in training and sustainable operations. New worker qualifications exceeding other line marking companies’ standards, and new online competence records for all workers, ensure our workers optimise the equipment and always work safely.

This investment is assurance for maintaining our multi accreditations and affiliations such as ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other quality management standards.

Future Investments

Riggott & Co Ltd has made a productive investment in our worker safety, vehicles, plant, and equipment over the last few years. Still, due to the high demand for our services, we have more new specialised vehicles on order, better cloud-based worker solutions, and even more mobile plant and equipment arriving this year.

Make sure your line and road marking projects are delivered efficiently and compliant with particular legal requirements.

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