Charging forwards with the EV revolution

11th June 2019by galinar84News

Charging forwards with the EV revolution

11th June 2019by galinar84News


There’s no doubt electric cars are becoming more commonplace on UK roads. With the increasing awareness of the impact that fossil fuels are having on the environment, as well as the incentives from the government, an estimated 214,000 plug-in cars now wander the UK’s roads.

Service stations, as well as many overnight facilities, have begun adopting electric too – there are now around 23,500 charging points across the UK.

Engenie Ltd, a national network of charging ports across the UK, reached out to Riggotts to improve the visibility and aesthetics of their charging bays in Worcester. The Riggotts team (supporters of the green initiative) quickly attended to the call.

To mark the electric vehicle bays, Riggotts used durable, long-lasting single-pack epoxy and great craftsmanship to create the bays at the client’s request.

The 214,000 people driving plug-in cars have become a market segment of their own. If your facility or accommodation doesn’t have the means to keep their Tesla topped up, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

That’s why many businesses are now choosing to install charging facilities on their premises – to boost custom and reduce emissions.

Electric vehicle bays also help to improve the appearance of your business, showing that you’re committed to providing customers with a green alternative to power as well as proving your commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Riggotts have long been believers in keeping green, that’s why in 2019 we invested over £500,000 to update our fleet and take advantage of the new low-emission Euro 6 engines.

Whether you’re designing a new car park and want to include electric vehicle bays, or simply wanting to add them to your existing one, get in touch with our team. You can visit our contact page here.

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