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Landing Airfield and Runway Line Markings

17th March 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

Airfield line marking and runway maintenance is essential to the daily operations of the modern-day airport, from directional runway markings to traditional methods of maintenance Riggotts can provide for all – having completed works on both major and small airstrips. Riggotts offer a full application of this service to CAA CAP168 and Military JSP318 standards.

Riggotts provide airfield lining & runway maintenance services for both civilian and Ministry of Defence airfields. Depending on the specification, chlorinated rubber, one/two-pack epoxy and hot-applied thermoplastic can all be used.

Riggotts produce line markings to our own exacting standards and specifications, working carefully to ensure we match their customers’ individual requirements on any surface.

More recently the Riggotts lining crews carried out contracts on several airports including two RAF bases and the Isle of Man Airport. With three contracts running simultaneously throughout the UK, the teams managed to preserve the deals and brought them all to handover, even with the inclement weather hindering their efforts.

Over the three sites, the Riggotts lining crew completed over 10,000 meters of airfield line marking, making the airports compliant to CAA and health and safety standards.

With the right tools and experience, airfield and runway lining can be delivered with ease – giving the airport that extra level of safety.

Typically the average runway varies from 8,000 foot to 12,000 foot long; this means its imperative for the professionals to take over to ensure the correct lining is applied to the exact dimensions, this is of the utmost importance as the slightest mistake can result in a significant accident.

If your airport facility requires line markings don’t wait, contact us today, here, for a free no-obligation quote. Alternatively, give us a call at 08008488414.

Airfield Lining and Runway Maintenance Airfield Lining and Runway Maintenance Airfield Lining and Runway Maintenance


Warehouse Line Marking in Hemel Hempstead

5th March 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

There are many reasons why a company might have its internal warehouse line markings refreshed or have new markings put down.

At Riggotts line marking, we understand how speedily operations move in warehouses and distribution facilities. Employees work alongside machine operators while completing their roles simultaneously.

In order to maximise the capabilities of your facility, health and safety, efficiency and speed need to work alongside each other to provide a safe working environment – mitigating the potential risk of injury.

With Riggotts having a wealth of experience with over 25 years innovating in the line marking industry, trust assured they could provide the best work at the best price.

The latest example of what Riggotts can do for a warehouse or distribution facility was for a client in Hemel Hempstead.

The client required urgent warehouse line marking completing at their new development. In total the Riggotts paint crew delivered a total of 1757 metres of line marking, four pedestrian logos, 150 numbers and letters defining different areas and three forklift logos.

In order to improve longevity and paint adhesion, the Riggotts paint crew prepared the surface with their state of the art captive shot blasting machine. The team then applied the line markings using a two-pack epoxy paint – known for its durability through its use on such project in the past.

The warehouse line marking that the team applied has helped our client not only for health and safety reasons but has also improved their efficiency throughout the site. The line markings minimised the element of risk using clearly defined areas for pedestrians and machine-operated equipment.

If your business requires warehouse or line markings which minimise risk and improve the efficiency of your facility, please get in touch today and speak to one of our experienced team members by freephone or email.

warehouse line markings - Hemel Hempstead warehouse line markings - Hemel Hempstead


The power you’re supplying. It’s electrifying.

29th February 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

As tensions in the world rise when regarding the evergrowing threat of global warming, Riggotts are leading the way in electric vehicle charging bay installations, with over 10,000 completed nationally to date, electrifying the way for greener energy.

Not only is this a greener source of energy but is cleaner too – no more C02 emissions and toxic gasses are emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels – reducing the greenhouse gas effect on our planet.

This time the Riggotts paint crew was called out to a site in Bournemouth, which called for the line marking of two electric vehicle charging bays. In total, the experienced team carried out two custom made Instavolt Logos, eighteen letters and 44 metres of line marking; Riggotts lined the works in a single pack epoxy paint to ensure strength and durability.

Did you know that Riggotts can create any design and use it in a specially tailored stencil for your business? Well they can, a perfect example of this is with the InstaVolt logos. Whatever the design, Riggotts can deliver.

Keeping in with a green theme, Riggotts line marking has invested in several new paint spray machines – one that doesn’t run on the standard fossil fuel but is entirely electric. This not only improves the health and safety aspects of working with the machine but improves the carbon footprint of Riggotts itself.

Another way Riggotts have adopted a greener form of working is their ultra line marking service. A paint that is instantly cured by ultraviolet light – reducing time spent on-site and only requires electricity to power the strong light source.

If you’re looking for a greener alternative or if you require expert advice about your line markings get in touch today via email or freephone for your free, non-obligational quote.

electrifyingUltra Line Marking in warehouse


The Importance of Doing a Great Job

28th February 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

Working for returning client PA Housing, an award-winning provider of affordable homes who prides itself on putting their residents at the centre of their business while providing first-class services to all.

One of the Riggotts thermoplastic crews was sent out to one of the PA Housing developments in Leicester, completing a thermoplastic line marking project there.

The project was to provide clear numbered car parking bays, various letters and numbers throughout the site defining permit holder areas and no parking zones.

All in all, the Riggotts crew carried out over 200 metres of thermoplastic line marking and over 35 numbers and letters at the Leicester site.

As well as PA Homes, Riggotts pride themselves on giving excellent customer service and outstanding results. Evidence of this can be found from the roots up at Riggotts, as they’re a company that takes pride in their work.

Here we have great feedback from our contact at PA Homes Leicester site.

“The works were completed this morning. Can I please commend the crew that came out, they were well informed, organised and very courteous. I am so very happy with the works carried out.”

This client feedback is a testament to what Riggotts hold dear, a happy customer who can see how much joy Riggotts take in their work.

The Riggotts team takes great satisfaction in their ability to complete any project, on time and to budget – whatever the size or deadline. They offer an unrivalled, flexible, cost-effective and professional service.

If you need exceptional work doing on a project, get in touch, and we will do our best to advise and deliver on what we say. Please email us here or give us a call on 0800 8488 414 to talk to one of our experienced sales team.

thermoplastic line marking


Providing Pedigree Anti Skid Line Markings for R F Racing Ltd

25th February 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

Richard Fahey Racing Ltd required the thoroughbred pedigree that Riggotts offer to deliver adequate anti-slip resistance to their surfaces to ensure their horses and staff stay safe while on site.

The North Yorkshire based company has made significant improvements to their yard, including the addition of 44 extra stables and furlong indoor riding facilities. The mile-long all-weather and grass gallops cater for over 200 horses each day.

The existing anti-skid line markings on-site had deteriorated and posed a risk to staff and to the safety of the horses which use the yard every day.

With such a heavily used yard area R F Racing Ltd decided they needed to take immediate action to provide necessary safety defences.

During our visit to R F Racing Ltd, the Riggotts thermoplastic anti-skid line marking crew laid a total of 657 square metres of highly resistant anti-slip material at their training facility located on the edge of the Howardian Hills in North Yorkshire a place that can expect inclement weather during the winter months.

Using specially developed slip-resistant materials, we created a high-specification surface that will increase safety for vehicles, animals and people at the facility all year round. Giving R F Racing Ltd peace of mind during any type of inclement weather.

Riggotts were called upon for this project due to our exceptional workmanship. As we’d carried out similar work for the same company previously, they were well aware of the high standards we would deliver.

With our experienced team taking care of the surfaces on-site, RF Racing Ltd could concentrate on galloping home to even more victories in the future events.

If you need any expert advice or require works at your site regarding slip resistant anti skid line markings, speak to one of our experienced team members today, via freephone or email for your free quote.

anti skid line marking anti skid line marking


Crew Deliver Health and Safety Line Markings in Chilton

30th January 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

Having clear and concise line markings is a health and safety obligation and often can be required by law.

Workplace safety is paramount, and one of the best ways to ensure this is with line markings designed to improve health and safety and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

We know for certain types of businesses line markings are essential for day to day operations. Distribution centres and warehouses are amongst these businesses, as the vehicles which operate at these sites are more often bigger and more dangerous.

With over 25 years of experience and more than 800 decades combined in our workforce, we know that sometimes work simply can’t stop. To reduce disruption, we have products such as Ultra Line Marking and other quick-drying paints to get the job done with minimal disturbance.

As well as quick-drying paints, we offer textured paints which provide grip. This grip, in turn, acts as another health and safety method by helping to prevent falls on slippery surfaces – particularly around areas such as entrances or exits.

When we visit your site, we don’t just provide line markings which last, but we offer line markings which comply with not only our standards but those of the HSE too.

Recently, Riggotts provided health and safety line markings at a site in Chilton. These external works will be used to reduce accidents and possible injuries, protecting the people at risk of injury when walking outside.

After the correct surface preparations and line removal, the crew on-site delivered new hatched areas, pedestrian walkways and zebra crossings while removing existing markings to make way for updated and safer routes around the site.

If you require expert, advice regarding health and safety complying line markings speak to one of our experienced team today, via freephone or email for your free quote.

image010 image003


Magor Distribution Centre requires a full refresh

24th January 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

The hustle and bustle of a fully functioning distribution centre is hard to compare with – the amount of traffic and other HGV vehicles which roam these vast centres are known offenders for accentuating line marking wear and tear.

To combat such line marking munching machines, Riggotts have the perfect recipe for sustaining and improving the longevity of line markings on-site – correct surface preparation and improved sealing to ensure complete adhesion.

Looking to Wales and stepping back almost 15 years – Riggotts completed this colossal distribution centre for Wilkinsons in Magor, a large village in Monmouthshire, South-East Wales.

The Wilkinsons Distribution centre has been a client of Riggotts for almost 15 years since the site was initially opened 15 years ago. When they required a complete line marking refresh, we knew precisely what to do.

After a significant resurfacing program, one of the Riggotts Thermoplastic teams was on the way to completely reline and refresh the newly finished surface.

With thousands of metres of line marking already completed on the Magor project, the Riggotts team have kept to their stringent time scale – minimising client disruptions.

Togeather, the new thermoplastic line markings and resurfaced tarmac make the perfect conditions for adhesion, extending the life of the line markings.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of the site, the new and improved line markings add to upgraded health and safety while enhancing the efficiency of the highly used roadways.

Improving efficiency doesn’t just improve the speed; it saves valuable time and money, which then can be put to good use elsewhere.

For more information on how our teams can help your business, please contact one of our sales team today via Freephone or Email.

Alternatively, click HERE to be directed through to our services page where you can read about what we can offer your business in more depth.

Distribution Centre Line Markings Distribution Centre Line Markings


Internal Line Markings in Peterborough

17th January 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

Keeping in touch with health and safety in and around the workplace isn’t just of paramount importance to every person who works or visits your site, but carries a much higher weight altogether.

Through the use of Internal Line Markings, we can not only give your premises the health and safety requirements it needs but, can deliver streamlined Internal Line Markings which can improve the general performance around your site, with directional Internal Line Marking.

Riggotts have an array of products which can help deliver this, from Thermoplastic and Single Pack Epoxy to UV cured paints. All can be used for both internal and external works.

More recently Riggotts have delivered Internal Line Marking to a warehouse in Peterborough. The works consisted of 12 arrows, 27 meters squared of solid areas, 702m of lining, 28 letters and numbers and 12 pedestrian logos to form pedestrian walkways.

To ensure maximum adhesion and longevity, the surface was prepared with the use of Riggotts captive shot blasting machines – giving the two-pack epoxy paint the best conditions to cure.

If your business requires Internal Line Markings which not only comply with health and safety regulations but improve the efficiency of your workplace. Contact Riggotts today via email or freephone.

Internal Line Markings


Innovating with Ultra Line Marking

9th January 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

Working in the line marking industry for over twenty-five years has allowed riggotts to understand what their clients need and better yet cater to them in the best way possible.

Riggotts recognise that in certain circumstances, business simply can’t stop – working closely with their suppliers, Riggotts now supply Ultra Line Marking.

Innovation is a vital part of the Riggotts supply chain, and they’re continually working to develop and explore new ways to cater to their clients.

Once applied, the Ultra Line Marking paint is then exposed to the powerful ultraviolet light. Instantly curing it – meaning in most cases delays and disruptions are a thing of the past — allowing operations to continue without any delay, interruption or impact on profit – and all without compromising health and safety requirements.

Resistant to both chemical and mechanical wear, this resilient product doesn’t disappoint. With now over seven colours to choose from which are suitable for indoors, outdoors and temperature regulated conditions.

No matter the circumstances, Ultra Line Marking will cure instantly and maintaining its durability and long term longevity.

All preparation and application is carried out by our team of experienced operatives. If you need line markings, graphics or more – without disrupting your business, Ultra Line Markings could be the answer for you. Get in touch today via email or freephone.

Ultra Line Marking


Improved Health and Safety built over 80,000 hours without a RIDDOR

17th December 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

Health and safety is a standard part of day to day life in the workplace, protecting employers, employees and customers from potential accidents.

At Riggotts, we have stringent health and safety standards, with a zero-tolerance policy to anyone in breach of health and safety regulations, as they exist to protect and keep our employees, clients out of harm’s way.

In the Riggotts product arsenal, we can deliver health and safety compliant line markings in order to improve the health and safety at any of our client’s sites.

Working nationally and recently internationally, we can make sure your sites are as safe as can be with line markings which are not only safe but leave a lasting impression on customers too.

We have regular training days for all the operatives at Riggotts, this combined with our stringent standards, puts our clients at ease, knowing all our operatives are fully competent and qualified to carry out their works.

RIDDOR, the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations. These regulations require employers to report certain serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences (near misses) to the HSE.

We are proud to announce that to date, Riggotts have worked over 80,000 hours without a single RIDDOR report. This is a testament to how important health and safety in the workplace is, and proof that it works.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop there – as standards are constantly changing and improving we must continually develop our health and safety measures while introducing more training for our operatives, making sure they have the correct knowledge to prevent any accident.

If you require the help of Riggotts to improve the line markings at your business, give us a call today via freephone or email, and we can deliver line markings which help prevent workplace accidents and could potentially save a life.


Embracing change with Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

11th December 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

With an ever-growing concern for climate change, people in the UK and globally have the option to drive more economically – hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the UK car market. 

According to a recent study carried out by Zap-Map, a company which monitors the UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, there are approximately 4,800 locations which provide nearly 7,500 chargers for electric vehicles. These figures are steadily increasing with, on average, 700 new sites year on year. At this consecutive increase of electric vehicle charging bays, it poses a waiting game until the charging stations outnumber the UK’s 8,500 fuel filling stations.

Riggotts, a company that embraces innovation and is at the forefront of its industry, has installed over 1000 electric vehicle charging bays and continues to install more as they become more in demand. 

To compete with the growing demand for electric vehicle charging bays, Riggotts provide national coverage for multiple clients, ranging from major supermarket car parks to motorway services.

Using clearly defined line markings, Riggotts make sure the line markings they deliver not only stand out but make a lasting impression on the customer, whether it be simple bays or a custom-designed layout.

Will electric vehicle charging bays be a big part of the future? It’s sure looking that way. So why not get ahead and contact Riggotts today for your free, no-obligation quote via freephone or email.

electric vehicle charging bays


The Importance of Correct Surface Preparation

2nd December 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

When it comes to line markings, surface coating or any of the products Riggotts offer, there is one common denominator; surface preparation – there is nothing more important than the correct surface prep’.

The Riggotts team have an array of products and services which offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation methods, vital in achieving a durable and permanent result.

Some of the innovative surface preparation methods Riggotts use comprise of both the latest in industry and traditional techniques which include; Damage-free hydro blast treatment, Captive shot blast line removal, Captive shot blast surface preparation, Scabbling and surface scarifying and Diamond grinding.

All of Riggotts surface preparation methods have been trialled and tested to make sure they not only provide excellent adhesion but present a damage-free finished product.

In collaboration with Clean and Retrieve Ltd, Riggotts have access to their state-of-the-art captive shot blaster. With both enhanced portability and performance in mind, the specially designed machine is smaller, more efficient and more powerful than others on the market today – providing you with the best possible results.

No matter what surface or object you are coating, it’s always essential to prepare the surface first, to ensure that the end result is as good as can be.

The latest example of surface preparation is a multi-story car park in Heathrow, London. The client required the installation of pedestrian walkways – improving the health and safety of the car park and directing its users to the exits.

Before the surface could be lined, it required the correct preparation; this meant that the Clean and Retrieve state-of-the-art captive shot blaster was needed to prepare the surface – improving the longevity and performance of the paint.

If you require specialist surface preparation or need advice from the line marking experts, contact us today via freephone or email for your free quote.

Surface Preparation


Using Optical Illusions for Car Park Line Markings

27th November 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

During 2019, a survey carried out by RAC Insurance, found that two-thirds of British motorists have experienced damage to their vehicles after parking in a car park and as much as 35% of us had their cars damaged at least once.

To tackle such high numbers, Riggotts may have the solution. “Sausage Bays” or “Fishfinger Bays” are the answer. Through the use of optical illusion, the specially designed bays create the illusion that the bays are smaller than they are – making people take greater care when parking their cars.

Where you’d find a regular bay line, you a see 100mm gap in its place with two lines either side. Creating this illusion has had a dramatic effect on the carparks efficiency, quality of parking and reduced the number of accidents in the car parks that have implemented this change.

Following the success, a number of clients asked Riggotts to carry out the new car park line markings to their premises – mainly to highly trafficked areas such as superstores and multi-story car parks.

Taking an active approach to updating and embracing new car park line markings, not only aids in professionality but gives the premises a modern, fresh layout – encouraging more people to use the new safety improved spaces.

To see how Riggotts can help you develop and implement your ideas for a safer, efficient car park get in touch today – by email or freephone.

car park line markings - sausage bays


Captive Shot Blasting and Lining in Ayrshire

25th November 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

According to the HSE, there were more than 69,208 injuries to employees reported under RIDDOR last year, that’s 28.2 million working days lost due to workplace injuries and a £15 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions.

Preventing these workplace injuries should be of paramount importance in order to safeguard your employees and customers. The team at Riggotts have specific solutions which can provide extra defence against workplace injuries.

Through the use of line marking, you can clearly define the areas you deem unsafe or could pose a potential injury if not outlined correctly. These areas can be identified in many ways, for example, colour coding or cross-hatching.

Health and safety is just one benefit of correctly used and positioned line markings. The Riggotts team can provide all manors of products, from highly reflective to slip-resistant, or both – they can provide.

Working internationally, Riggotts can not only provide the best quality products but offer their services directly to you without the use of subcontractors to maintain the rigorous quality control their customers deserve.

A returning client in Aryshire requested internal works to be carried out at there warehouse. However, due to surface complications, the paint could not be guaranteed the longevity it would typically provide. Using their specialist captive shot blaster (a machine developed by Riggotts), they prepared the surface giving it the qualities for perfect adhesion and the recipe for long-lasting line-markings.

In total, the Riggotts team carried out a total of 450 meters squared of solid area, 337m of 100mm yellow lining, 150m of 150mm yellow lining, 2357m of 200mm yellow lining and 964 metres squared of sealer – of which was all prepared by their captive shot blasting machine.

If your business requires the use of our specialist services, don’t hesitate, give us a call or send us a quick email today for your free quote.

warehouse lining


Supplying Scania Swindon with Health and safety Line Markings

12th November 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

One reason why clients stay and keep coming back to Riggotts Line Marking is because of their flexibility and ableness to complete any job on time and to budget.

Using the latest in line marking technology, Riggotts are at the forefront of their industry. With over 50 crews stretching throughout the UK, taking advantage of five depots Riggotts can provide around the clock availability.

This time, the proficient programming department at Riggotts sent one of their paint crews to Swindon, to complete works for a returning client at Scania garage in Swindon. 

When the paint crew got to site, they quickly got to work and liaised with the client to understand what exactly was needed to complete the job. The team carried out health & safety line markings which included; car park linings, hatched areas, pedestrian walkways – making the site safer for both customer and employee.

All finished works were carried out in a single pack epoxy, know for its durability, reflectiveness and longevity. As well as being incredibly durable the paint is also fast drying, therefore a more efficient product to use on the tighter time-scaled jobs.

The job at Scania was carried out as night works; the paint had to be fast curing in order for full use the following morning.

The total amount of works carried out on-site consisted of; two disabled logos, four pedestrian logos, four metres squared of solid area, 10 T&I bays, 75 metres of 100mm white lining, 200 metres of 100mm yellow lining and 60 metres of 100mm yellow hatching.

When time is an issue, and you need a quick turn around choose Riggotts Line Marking. Trust us to get the job done, on-time and to budget.

For more information on the works at Scania Swindon give us a call, for a free quote or advice, contact us today via email or free phone.

Riggotts Line Marking


Delivering underground car park line markings for Morrisons

31st October 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

Car parking spaces. An ever-growing issue in the big cities and towns of the UK, finding a space to park in can be a nightmare – especially when you’re in a rush.

With space for car parks being a big issue in London and other cities, there’s only one option – go down. Yes, that’s right, underground carparks are on the rise yet again – giving the UK public more access to areas which previously could not provide enough parking. 

But what does this mean and how can it benefit you? The advantage is that the precious space that is available in the big cities can be preserved or utilised for other purposes. For example, development and going further underground is an effective way of utilising space which isn’t used – protecting the skyline and preventing an ever-growing number of highrise buildings.

Working underground is nothing new for Riggotts, we’ve been delivering underground car park line markings since they started becoming more popular. Riggotts don’t just offer line markings; we can design parking plans, which improve efficiency and the safety in the carpark itself – minimising the risk of injury for all its users.

The latest project where we carried out underground car park line markings was for Morrisons at their superstore in Crowborough.

In total, the underground car park line markings consisted of 12 arrows

484 metres squared of solid areas, 17 disabled logos, eight 600×100, 16 600×200, nine letters/numbers, 295 meters squared of MMA, 15 parent and child logos and 2,454 meters of underground car park line markings.

All the above underground car park line markings were completed using a mixture of Thermoplastic and MMA paint. Both chosen for their durable, slip-resistant and reflective properties. Perfect for underground parking conditions.

Contact the line marking experts here today, if you need your car park lines refreshing. Alternatively, if your underground car park is a new development, we can accommodate for parking plans and deliver lines of the best quality using the best products on time and to budget.

underground car park line markings


Filling up the forecourt with Thermoplastic Line Markings

30th October 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

With over 37.3 million vehicles on the UK roads today, filling up at a total of 8,422 petrol filling stations, maintenance is vital in order to support health and safety for the station’s employees and customers.

An effective way of ensuring the safety of the people working or using the petrol filling stations is Thermoplastic Line Markings. Using state-of-the-art materials and machinery, Riggotts Line Marking has a wealth of experience completing these crafty projects.

As well as the years of experience, Riggotts is also SPA certified to carry out works on any petrol filling station forecourt. With all crews and operatives having to undergo rigorous training.

The latest forecourt project was for returning client Sainsburys at their superstore in Nottingham. The thermoplastic line markings were set throughout the entire forecourt and surrounding roadways – improving traffic flow and the safety of its users.

In total, the works carried out on the Sainsbury’s petrol filling station was Forty-three arrows, 155 600×100, 42 600×200, four give way triangles, 129 numbers/letters, one parent and child logo, 86m2 solid areas, Three speed-roundels, Over 1200m in thermoplastic line markings.

When applied correctly, thermoplastic line markings can provide a safer environment for the people using the roads, parks or walkways where the product can be found. The paint is highly durable, reflective and slip-resistant, due to its coarse finish. The product reduces the chance of near misses on the forecourt where petrol, diesel or other oily liquid spillages can occur.

With the products enhanced reflective properties, the thermoplastic line markings guide the traffic at night – again reducing the risk of injury on or around the forecourt.

So, if you need a certified and experienced crew at your petrol filling station, and are in-need of thermoplastic line markings, contact the line marking experts by phone or email today.

PFS - Thermoplastic Line Markings 1


Lining around laundry in Single Pack Epoxy for Bourne Textile Services

25th October 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

One thing Riggotts Line Marking strives for is quality of service.

This is the bedrock on which riggotts stands. After all, without spectacular and professional customer service, they would not have been able to build the customer relationships which have enabled Riggotts to grow.

Keeping with this notion, Riggotts provided Birmingham-based company, Bourne Textile Services, with excellent quality line markings highlighting the pedestrian walkways; improving health and safety while ensuring a dedicated, safe walkway for employees.

Part of the Johnsons Service group PLC, Bourne Textile Services is one of the UK’s leading and largest high-volume laundry/linen hire companies – delivering and collecting over five million items of linen a week throughout the year.

With high footfall and a range of machinery throughout the premises, a durable, long-lasting and vibrant product was required.

In this instance, the Riggotts Paint Crew used Single Pack Epoxy paint – a staple product that has proved its value.

In order to improve adhesion, the crew prepared the surface using their state-of-the-art captive shot-blasting machines before the single pack epoxy was applied – improving the Single Pack Epoxy paint’s adhesion and longevity.

In total, the Riggotts crew carried out 840 metres of Yellow Lining and put down 33 Pedestrian Logos – providing safer walkways for Bourne’s employees.

‘The proof is in the pudding.’

Continuing with the notion that Riggotts value customer care above all else, here’s what the head of engineering at Bourne Textile Services had to say:

“On the 12th of October, you painted our factory gangway lines, and the quality of your work is superb! 

“At our end, we were a bit disorganised. However, your guys took it all in their stride and pressed on and did a fantastic job.”

For more information on how Riggotts can help your business, contact us today via freephone on 08008488414 or by email

Single Pack Epoxy Paint - Walkway 2


Distribution Line Markings for VolkerFitzpatrick

15th October 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

One of the UK’s leading engineering and construction companies contacted Riggotts to carry out essential line marking at one of their ongoing projects at a distribution centre.

VolkerFitzpatrick operates in the civil engineering, building and rail industries as a contractor, turning over more than £500m per year and employing over 650 people throughout the UK. As a returning client, VolkerFitzpatrick knew what to expect from the Riggotts team: A high-quality product, on time and to budget.

The project in Riggotts’ sights was a distribution centre, requiring new line marking in both thermoplastic and single pack epoxy spray.

The line marking was required to be clearly defined, durable and well laid out in order to create a safer workspace for employees/customers and improve efficiency in and around the centre. Within the distribution centre grounds, the lines would be heavily trafficked by HGVs and large vehicles, however, the high quality of the product used by the Riggotts operatives meant there wouldn’t be a problem with longevity.

In total, the experienced Riggotts crew completed; 27 disabled logos, 17 EV logos, 16 1200mm letters/numbers, 30 pedestrian logos, 23m2 solid areas, 10,919m 100mm white lining, 22m 300mm white lining, 200m 100mm white hatching, 618m 100mm yellow lining and 571m 100mm yellow hatching. All the lining was carefully carried out to the maximum efficiency to improve the product durability.

With the customer’s best interests at heart, Riggotts managed to complete the required works on time and to budget while providing the distribution centre with crucial line marking which boosted health and safety throughout the site and improved efficiency for the densely trafficked areas.

To learn more about our specialist services, or for any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Page here or alternatively contact us directly on 0800 8488414.

Distribution Centre Line Markings


Thermoplastic trailer reaches bigger heights at Arndale Shopping Centre

3rd October 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

With an ever-growing number of vehicles on the road and a less than even number of car parks in the UK, a well maintained and lined car park is essential – two-thirds of British motorists experience some kind of damage to their vehicles after parking in a car park.

Research suggests that if a car park isn’t maintained properly and no lines are there to help guide the general public, a higher number of accidents occur. This shows that a well-maintained car park not only proves to be a safer place for customers/employees but can reduce the number of people having accidents.

Returning client, Makers Construction, enlisted Riggotts to carry out thermoplastic line markings at the Arndale Shopping Centre in Eastbourne.

The Riggotts team immediately ran into a problem. The car park was multi-storey, meaning that the Thermoplastic lining trucks wouldn’t fit due to height, length and their wide turning circle.

Keeping with the statement “Riggotts can complete any job on time and to budget” the Riggotts team got to work.

Knowing the project required thermoplastic lining, they commissioned a state if the art towable Thermoplastic trailer made especially for the Riggotts team.

This custom-built trailer is easily manoeuvrable and, more importantly, is able to fully access a multi-storey car park with ease, fitting under the car parks height restriction of 1.8 metres (when towed by its Mitsubishi L200 companion).

Using the made to measure trailer allowed the Riggotts thermoplastic team to complete a total of 44 give way markers, 47 individual numbers/letters, nine parent and child logos, 22 pedestrian logos, 86 metres squared of solid white, 2919 metres of100mm white line, 90 metres if 100mm white hatching and 156 metres of 100mm yellow line.

This precision lining will allow the car parks users to manoeuvre their cars more easily, and more importantly, the car park is now a safer environment thank to the use of clean, clear line-markings.

If you require our specialist line marking services, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or via our freephone number 08008488414 for a free quote.

Thermplastic car park markings

Thermplastic car park markings

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