Embracing change with Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

11th December 2019by galinar84News

Embracing change with Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

11th December 2019by galinar84News


With an ever-growing concern for climate change, people in the UK and globally have the option to drive more economically – hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the UK car market. 

According to a recent study carried out by Zap-Map, a company which monitors the UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, there are approximately 4,800 locations which provide nearly 7,500 chargers for electric vehicles. These figures are steadily increasing with, on average, 700 new sites year on year. At this consecutive increase of electric vehicle charging bays, it poses a waiting game until the charging stations outnumber the UK’s 8,500 fuel filling stations.

Riggotts, a company that embraces innovation and is at the forefront of its industry, has installed over 1000 electric vehicle charging bays and continues to install more as they become more in demand. 

To compete with the growing demand for electric vehicle charging bays, Riggotts provide national coverage for multiple clients, ranging from major supermarket car parks to motorway services.

Using clearly defined line markings, Riggotts make sure the line markings they deliver not only stand out but make a lasting impression on the customer, whether it be simple bays or a custom-designed layout.

Will electric vehicle charging bays be a big part of the future? It’s sure looking that way. So why not get ahead and contact Riggotts today for your free, no-obligation quote via freephone or email.

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