Bringing Bus station Line Markings to Belper

15th August 2020by galinar84News

Bringing Bus station Line Markings to Belper

15th August 2020by galinar84News


During 2019, almost 4.8 billion local bus passenger journeys were made in Great Britain, making up a whopping 58 per cent of all public transport journeys which is, in fact, a 0.05 per cent decrease compared to the year before (2018).

That year, the number of buses totalled 34.5 thousand in England, while it amounted to 4.2 thousand in Scotland. In London, the average of journeys taken by the general public is 23.5% higher than the rest of the country.

With this in mind, you can imagine bus station line markings in the UK tend to wear at a faster rate than other places. To tackle this, the Riggotts crews use their trusted high-grade thermoplastic material.

Having carried out a great many bus station line markings over Riggotts’ twenty-six years in the industry, they have perfected the art of delivering the highest quality line markings quickly and effectively.

The latest of which was carried out in Belper, Derbyshire – a town known for its rich industrial history. In total, one of the Riggotts team carried out 54 numbers/letters, 11 meters squared of solid area, three pedestrian logos, 112 meters of 100mm yellow Bus Station Line Markings, various surface preparations (shot blasting) and 19 meters squared of sealer to improve longevity.

All the above works laid were carried out using a mix of yellow thermoplastic and MMA paint – known for its durability.

If you like what you hear and require any of our bus station line marking services, please get in touch. We operate nationally and more recently internationally, all the while delivering the same outstanding line markings without compromising on quality. So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered.

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