A Speedy UV Line Marking Delivery in Daventry

28th July 2020by galinar84News

A Speedy UV Line Marking Delivery in Daventry

28th July 2020by galinar84News


To make sure your warehouse is compliant with health and safety standards as well as ensuring the running of the warehouse is efficient, it’s of paramount importance to guarantee the line markings are planned in a consistent manner. Warehouse line marking encourages workers to work safely and reduces the chances of accidents, near-misses and potential damage to equipment.

If you don’t have an existing line marking plan which adheres to health and safety guidelines, our expert surveyors are at your disposal, to help mitigate potential risks.

The crews at Riggotts have access to an arsenal of specialist paints and materials, the latest being UV line marking. This product uses ultraviolet light, instantly curing the paint, rapidly speeding up the curing process and therefore the time spent on site – improving efficiency.

Our high-quality products, combined with excellent workmanship and attention to detail and quality, ensures that your warehouse is a safer place for all your staff and is correctly marked to adhere to health and safety guidelines from The Health and Safety Executive.

This time, the Riggotts UV line marking specialists arrived at an existing client’s warehouse to carry out works designed to improve their health and safety while working to a time scale.

In total, the UV line marking specialists carried out over 1000m of line marking, 108 letters/numbers, eight metres squared of removal works, 14 metres squared of solid areas and ten pedestrian logos as well as shot blasting surface preparations. All in all, the client was happy with the quality of works and the quick turnaround of the job itself.

If you like what you hear and require any of our UV line marking services, please get in touch. We operate nationally and more recently internationally, all the while delivering the same outstanding line markings without compromising on quality. So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered.

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