Five Reasons You Need Line Markings

20th July 2021by galinar84News

Five Reasons You Need Line Markings

20th July 2021by galinar84News


There are many reasons why a customer may come to Riggotts and decide they need line markings, surface painting or road marking. We’ve narrowed their reasonings down to five reasons why you, a customer, may need line markings.

So number one, Health and safety improvements – there’re various cases where line marking has improved health and safety in the workplace, the most common of which being it acts as the first barrier in defence against near-misses and accidents. For example, a forklift driver operating in a busy warehouse stops to look right/left because the line markings tell him to.

Number two, improving appearances. There’s nothing worse than having a newly renovated site without having top-notch line markings to match, whether it be an underground car park, internal warehouse lining or road marking. Riggotts always produce expertly delivers line marking.

Number three, some line markings are a legal requirement. There are some instances where worn or incorrectly delivered line marking must be corrected or redone by HSE law. If not, the consequences could be rather severe. For example, if the line markings are wrong or are illegible on an airport runway, how can the pilots be expected to follow them? The consequences of an incident of that scale would be very severe indeed.

Number four, improving efficiency – there’s nothing worse than parking in a car park that has no line marking, people parking their cars all over the place, reducing the car parks capacity monumentally. However, line marking improve efficiency by showing people where to park in the predetermined parking plan designed for the maximum capacity.

Number five, guidance. If there were no line markings on the roads, you could only imagine the carnage. The addition of line markings creates order and a safe place to drive vehicles guiding road users away from danger, direction and alerting drivers to potential hazards.

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