Do your footpaths and road markings meet the required legal standards?

23rd September 2021by galinar84News

Do your footpaths and road markings meet the required legal standards?

23rd September 2021by galinar84News


By law, traffic routes must be suitably indicted where necessary for reasons of health and safety.

This legal requirement extends to the separation of pedestrians and vehicles. 

Riggott & Co Ltd, a national road marking contractor, always ensures every application meets the required legal standard in the road, traffic and pedestrians segregation and marking.

We promise that all companies looking to refresh markings or add new markings meet these legal requirements.

If you need any support, get in touch with us, we are here to help.

Involving Riggott & Co Ltd early in the decision stages, ensures your organisation is doing everything reasonably practicable to instruct people how to behave and inform drivers and pedestrians in private and public workspaces.

Areas where identification is imperative to reduce the risk of health and safety of people working in the vicinity?

  • Junctions.
  • Crossing points.
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes.
  • Footpaths.
  • Raised kerbs.
  • Entrances and exits to buildings.
  • Corners.
  • Inside buildings.
  • Disabled or ambulant routes.
  • Zebra crossings.
  • Bridges or subways.

Failure should not be an option: Not having suitable and sufficient road, traffic or pedestrian markings could see your company falling below the required standards and facing a visit from an enforcement officer or injury claims solicitor.

This guidance from the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides some key measures that companies need to consider before engaging with a line marking contractor.

So please don’t get caught out; Riggott & Co Ltd has over 25 years of experience and are a trusted industry leader. 

Riggott & Co Ltd is a nationwide road markings contractor. We are affiliated with more than a dozen recognised associations, ensuring all our operatives are fully trained and competent in all aspects of the industry, keeping your roads, pathways, and bus routes cycle lanes legally compliant.

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Do not fall short of the legal standard – Get in touch with us; we will reduce your risk and ensure safer employees and visitors.


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