Innovating with Ultra Line Marking

9th January 2020by galinar84News

Innovating with Ultra Line Marking

9th January 2020by galinar84News


Working in the line marking industry for over twenty-five years has allowed riggotts to understand what their clients need and better yet cater to them in the best way possible.

Riggotts recognise that in certain circumstances, business simply can’t stop – working closely with their suppliers, Riggotts now supply Ultra Line Marking.

Innovation is a vital part of the Riggotts supply chain, and they’re continually working to develop and explore new ways to cater to their clients.

Once applied, the Ultra Line Marking paint is then exposed to the powerful ultraviolet light. Instantly curing it – meaning in most cases delays and disruptions are a thing of the past — allowing operations to continue without any delay, interruption or impact on profit – and all without compromising health and safety requirements.

Resistant to both chemical and mechanical wear, this resilient product doesn’t disappoint. With now over seven colours to choose from which are suitable for indoors, outdoors and temperature regulated conditions.

No matter the circumstances, Ultra Line Marking will cure instantly and maintaining its durability and long term longevity.

All preparation and application is carried out by our team of experienced operatives. If you need line markings, graphics or more – without disrupting your business, Ultra Line Markings could be the answer for you. Get in touch today via email or freephone.

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