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Riggotts Test Out America’s DriveCam

30th October 2013by galinar84News

We all know that driving can be dangerous. It also produces some hefty fuel and maintenance bills. That’s why Riggotts is trialling America’s latest technology, DriveCam, to help cut danger and cost.

Riggotts is the first company in the UK to try the system out, giving us the chance to look beyond on-site safety and ensure workers are safe whilst in transit.

DriveCam uses state-of-the-art camera technology, designed purposely to monitor driving. With over 500 commercial and government fleet clients across America, this is a very big deal for the business.

Explains Nick Riggott, commercial director for Riggotts: “ We are looking to improve our teams’ driving abilities and steer them not only to be the best in the line marking business, but also ensure they get to site safely. With proven success rates over in America, we’re looking forward to putting it to the test here in the UK!

This is all about how we can improve our driving, to look at what we can change or improve and DriveCam gives us the expert analysis we need to do that. We take on-site safety very seriously, so this is our chance to be one step ahead and we’re relishing the opportunity.”

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