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A New Year Merits New Car Park Line Marking for a North East Car Park

31st January 2021by aperturemarketingukNews

Almost every day, the crews at Riggotts carry out car park line markings somewhere in the UK – gathering experience and finishing the all line markings to the highest standards.

Our line marking specialists deliver expert car park line marking, creating bays and roadways for customers to navigate safely when manoeuvring around a car park – further mitigating the risk of accident or collision.

While most car parks can be similar, our teams are experienced in creating car parks that stand out from the crowd, using various colours and techniques to attract the eye.

The most recent example of a “stand out from the crowd” car park carried out by our crews was a car park in the North East. In total the team carried out eight 4m double head arrows, 80no 4m double head arrows, two speed hump triangles, 133no 600×100 give way pads, 329no 600×200 give way pads, 30no give way triangles, 53no 1200mm numbers/letters, over 2900m2 of various coloured solid MMA, over 140m2 of solid pedestrian pads, over 16,000m of lining including hatching, 41no disabled bays, 33no parent and child bays, 48no 100×100 thermoplastic dots, 18no EV bays. All work was carried out in thermoplastic and MMA.

If you like what you hear, and require expertly delivered car park line markings, please get in touch today.

We operate internationally, all the while providing outstanding works without compromising on quality.

So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered.

If you need advice on ensuring your car park line markings are up to scratch, arrange for a site visit.

You can contact us via the contact page here or get in touch via phone or email.

car park line markings car park line markings car park line markings car park line markings car park line markingscar park line markings


Car Park Line Marking – From ferry to Finish

22nd July 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

We all know the importance of using car park line marking to prevent confusion when using car parks. If done well, the line markings clearly define where the customer should park, all the while improving health and safety.

The use of car parks is a vital necessity of any road users life, knowing where to park their vehicles and that they’re safe. Line markings are an essential aid to an efficient car park – without them, a car park invites havoc and potential losses due to undefined parking spaces.

If an accident does occur at a car parking property, the authority may charge the owner of the car park for unclear line markings; therefore, a car park owner could be liable – an easy way to prevent this is with clearly laid out line markings.

This week, the programming department at Riggotts sent a team to Stornoway, Scotland. The 589-mile journey, which included a ferry crossing, took the team around ten hours to get to the site.

Once the team arrived and had a good nights rest, they soon got to work. Working on a freshly resurfaced car park and carrying the works out in thermoplastic meant for the perfect conditions for optimum adhesion.

After completing over 1500 meters of car park line marking the crew set off on the long journey back to the Riggotts HQ – they even called in at another site on the way in order to complete more car park line markings before stopping for a well-deserved night’s sleep.

Our crews pride themselves on their abilities and quality of work, regularly going above and beyond for our clients. A testament to this can be found in the array of jobs completed every day.

If you like what you hear and require any of our car park line marking services, please get in touch. We operate nationally and more recently internationally, all the while delivering outstanding multi-story line markings without compromising on quality. So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered.

You can contact us via the contact page here or get in touch via phone or email.


Thermoplastic Car Park Line Marking in Carlisle.

31st March 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

With Coronavirus taking over the news, we thought it best to share a news story which takes us away from the chaos during this lockdown. So here’s some information about a car park line marking project we completed before the pandemic struck.

As we all know line markings don’t just make a car park look nice, they’re there to improve efficiency, accommodate more footfall and to raise health and safety aspects.

Equipped with the highest quality PPE, safety measures and a wealth of experience, our crews were more than prepared to take on the challenge.

During the day carrying out car park line marking can be difficult, with heavy footfall and lots of cars posing potential risks. This time our skilled thermoplastic crew worked throughout the night to complete the project.

During the night, our crew onsite carried out over 3000 metres of line markings to the roadways and specialist bays – rejuvenating the stores’ roadways and the safety of its customers using the specialist bays.

All in all the team put down 38 arrows, 25 disabled bays, 16 parent and child bays, 30 letters and numbers, 253 give way pads including eight triangles, 30 meters squared solid area, two speed roundels and around 3000 meters of lining.

All the above car park line markings improve the stores’ aesthetics and more importantly helps to keep their customers safe.

If you require expertly delivered car park line markings that provide improved health and safety for all who use it, make sure to get in touch today via freephone or email.


The Importance of Correct Surface Preparation

2nd December 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

When it comes to line markings, surface coating or any of the products Riggotts offer, there is one common denominator; surface preparation – there is nothing more important than the correct surface prep’.

The Riggotts team have an array of products and services which offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation methods, vital in achieving a durable and permanent result.

Some of the innovative surface preparation methods Riggotts use comprise of both the latest in industry and traditional techniques which include; Damage-free hydro blast treatment, Captive shot blast line removal, Captive shot blast surface preparation, Scabbling and surface scarifying and Diamond grinding.

All of Riggotts surface preparation methods have been trialled and tested to make sure they not only provide excellent adhesion but present a damage-free finished product.

In collaboration with Clean and Retrieve Ltd, Riggotts have access to their state-of-the-art captive shot blaster. With both enhanced portability and performance in mind, the specially designed machine is smaller, more efficient and more powerful than others on the market today – providing you with the best possible results.

No matter what surface or object you are coating, it’s always essential to prepare the surface first, to ensure that the end result is as good as can be.

The latest example of surface preparation is a multi-story car park in Heathrow, London. The client required the installation of pedestrian walkways – improving the health and safety of the car park and directing its users to the exits.

Before the surface could be lined, it required the correct preparation; this meant that the Clean and Retrieve state-of-the-art captive shot blaster was needed to prepare the surface – improving the longevity and performance of the paint.

If you require specialist surface preparation or need advice from the line marking experts, contact us today via freephone or email for your free quote.

Surface Preparation


Thermoplastic trailer reaches bigger heights at Arndale Shopping Centre

3rd October 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

With an ever-growing number of vehicles on the road and a less than even number of car parks in the UK, a well maintained and lined car park is essential – two-thirds of British motorists experience some kind of damage to their vehicles after parking in a car park.

Research suggests that if a car park isn’t maintained properly and no lines are there to help guide the general public, a higher number of accidents occur. This shows that a well-maintained car park not only proves to be a safer place for customers/employees but can reduce the number of people having accidents.

Returning client, Makers Construction, enlisted Riggotts to carry out thermoplastic line markings at the Arndale Shopping Centre in Eastbourne.

The Riggotts team immediately ran into a problem. The car park was multi-storey, meaning that the Thermoplastic lining trucks wouldn’t fit due to height, length and their wide turning circle.

Keeping with the statement “Riggotts can complete any job on time and to budget” the Riggotts team got to work.

Knowing the project required thermoplastic lining, they commissioned a state if the art towable Thermoplastic trailer made especially for the Riggotts team.

This custom-built trailer is easily manoeuvrable and, more importantly, is able to fully access a multi-storey car park with ease, fitting under the car parks height restriction of 1.8 metres (when towed by its Mitsubishi L200 companion).

Using the made to measure trailer allowed the Riggotts thermoplastic team to complete a total of 44 give way markers, 47 individual numbers/letters, nine parent and child logos, 22 pedestrian logos, 86 metres squared of solid white, 2919 metres of100mm white line, 90 metres if 100mm white hatching and 156 metres of 100mm yellow line.

This precision lining will allow the car parks users to manoeuvre their cars more easily, and more importantly, the car park is now a safer environment thank to the use of clean, clear line-markings.

If you require our specialist line marking services, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or via our freephone number 08008488414 for a free quote.

Thermplastic car park markings

Thermplastic car park markings


Delivering new car park lines for Stoneacre

16th September 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

With an ever-increasing population and an ever-growing need for cars, the UK is quickly running out of car park spaces for us to park them all. 

In 2018, there were 37.9 million licenced vehicles in the UK alone. 

According to the British Parking Association, drivers spend an average of 5.9 minutes looking for a place to park their car with 44 per cent saying they find it a stressful experience. 

Riggotts National Line Marking is here to ensure that car parks remain clearly lined and accessible for all users. Our planning team can also develop specialist line plans for any car park – maximising their capacity and profitability.

Longtime client, Stoneacre Ltd (a family-owned business that has steadily evolved to become one of the UK’s fastest-growing and most successful car dealers), required new and restorative works at their York branch. 

In total, four arrows, 15 metres squared of solid colour, four accessible parking bays, 192 letters/numbers and 954 metres of 100mm lining were played onto the car park.

Stonacre York now has an accessible car park with clear and concise markings which reflect the business’ high standard of quality and customer care.

The Riggotts team used Single Pack Epoxy Paint, for the project, a material known for its durability, vibrancy in colour and longevity.

If you are interested in updating your car park with refreshed line markings and an improved line plan to increase its capacity, get in touch with the Riggotts team today through our contact page here. 

Cross Hatch Marking 2

Cross Hatch Marking

Accessible Parking bay


Riggotts return to the floor at Snowhill Car Park

30th August 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

Single Pack Epoxy paint has many applications, and in Riggotts’ industry, the applications are almost limitless. We utilise this durable material for car parks, warehouses as well as airport runways.

Single Pack Epoxy paint not only complies with Riggotts’ stringent quality standards, but it also provides a long-lasting, durable and easy clean finish – giving Riggotts’ clients peace of mind after works have completed by prolonging future maintenance intervals.

Riggotts recently used the advanced material to carry out works for returning client Mike Thelwell Flooring Ltd at Snowhill Car Park, Birmingham.

The works consisted of 946metres of white lining, 14 pedestrian markings, 14 cycle markings, three accessible parking bay markings and 15 metres squared of solid white to form the pedestrian crossings.

As well as improving the clarity and safety of the parking spaces, Riggotts created clear and safer walkways which help to clearly define the routes between pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

The Riggotts team do more than just lining – we can also develop line plans for car parks to maximise the profitability of the space as well as improve safety.

Get in touch with our expert team to begin developing a tailored strategy and layout for your commercial car park using our contact page here.

Single Pack Epoxy Paint - Car ParkSingle Pack Epoxy Paint - Car Park


Riggotts join the Jetset

26th August 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

The Buckingham Group called out Riggotts to London Luton Airport for a large-scale refresh at one of their multi-storey car parks.

In 2018, over 18.5 million people passed through the airport – a record for the company.

Last year also saw the international airport celebrate their 80th anniversary with a newly upgraded terminal.

Before work could begin at the Luton site, the Riggotts team had to remove previous thermoplastic markings with their captive shot blasting technology. This not only removes the old markings but also better prepares the surface for adhesion.

Once the surface was suitably prepared to ensure the maximum longevity of the works, the Riggotts team lined the top floor with Single Pack Epoxy – a strong material with excellent flexibility.

As the ground floor is a very heavily trafficked area, a different material was used – Thermoplastic.  Thermoplastic lining is an extremely durable method in which heated plastic is applied to the floor and allowed to cure. This tough, hard material is designed to perform under heavy traffic for many years, ensuring that the car park will require minimal maintenance for years to come.

Ensuring minimal disruption throughout the project was also essential. Being the UK’s fifth busiest airport, we had to make sure we had a bullet-proof strategy so that we could have the car park in a serviceable condition as soon as possible.

To develop a strategic plan for your commercial premises, get in touch with our knowledgeable team via the contact page here.

give way markings for car park


Riggotts go back to school for Leeds City College

15th August 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

Long-term client Howard Civil Engineering, one of the North’s leading civil engineering companies, contacted us to help them deliver a more clear and inclusive car park at Leeds City College.

The works followed a £6.5 million build of the college’s reinforced concrete frame by the client – completed mid last year.

Being a new site, inclusion was a key part of the project. We had to make sure that there was an adequate amount of accessible parking bays so that less able people could use the car park as well.

In total, we lined over 332 metres of white lines and 11 accessible parking bays during the project.

The entire project was completed in Kestrel Thermoplastic, an advanced material which becomes a hard-wearing, long-lasting solution to heavily trafficked areas upon cooling.

Working in a city centre can pose challenges, the limited space, busy traffic and the importance of punctuality all can contribute to a high-pressure job.

We overcame the difficulties involved with inner-city work by planning the stages of the work in great detail – with specific deadlines to ensure that the premises were subject to little downtime.

Riggotts can complete projects of any scale on time and to budget. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss everything from pricings to floor plans using our contact page here.

leeds parking bays

Leeds line marking


Riggotts line Leed’s latest Business Park

9th August 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

We were given the opportunity to work on an exciting project with returning client GMI Construction. Having previously worked with us, GMI Construction were aware of Riggotts’ high standard of workmanship and so we were called out to line the car park at Thorpe Park Business Park in Leeds.

The busy Business Park has a working population of around 4,500 people, with IBM and National Grid among the 60 businesses operating there.

The Park is planned to be the flagship for the Northern Powerhouse agenda and will include not just the offices, but also a new train station, up to 7,000 homes, a Sport and Leisure Hub as well as a Shopping and Leisure Park.

The team delivered a wide range of thermoplastic markings including over 1,000 metres of white lining, several give-way markings and arrows, 10 disabled logos, 12 EV bays, 14 thermoplastic numbers & letters and 8 metres squared of solid areas.

The busy Business Park needed to be up and running again in as little time as possible to prevent disruptions and allow people to carry on their day. The Riggotts team tailored an efficient plan where the team worked around the clock to minimise downtime at The Park.

Riggotts have a long history of working with new developments such as the Thorpe Park Business Park. If you are looking for a team competent to undertake a large scale task such as this, get in touch with our expert team here or via freephone.





“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”

25th June 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

When first time Richard Roller, Chairman and Founder of Powervamp Ltd, asked Riggotts to carry out work at a Methodist Church car park in Sandford at short notice, we sprung into action and planned the most effective route to get the job done on time and within budget.

We were lucky enough to have a Riggotts crew already on standby in the area, reducing the clients wait time for the urgent works.

The job consisted of seven numbers, 45 metres of white lining and 15 metres of yellow hatching – more clearly marking out where the parking bays are and outlining where vehicles should not be parked.

At Riggotts we strive toward the best possible customer service and quality of work. That’s why when a client takes the time to let us know how pleased they are we take note – here’s what Roller had to say about the work:

“I write to say how pleased I am with the excellent work carried out by the Riggotts team today.

“The guys arrived at the chapel car park when we were told they would, understood the brief exactly and carried out the marking work in an amazing way with skill and precision.

As the saying goes, quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”

Our 42 crews work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what your business, we’ll work with you to determine the most convenient time for works so that you’re back up and running in no time. For more information on what we can do for you call us today on 0800 848841.


Riggotts makes waves in the Irish Sea

23rd April 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

When returning client Vale UK Ltd called the team to Tesco Douglas (the only supermarket on the Isle Of Man) we instantly began to develop a 7-day plan to complete the work  – strategically planning the project to ensure the remote location of the site would not hinder the project.

70% of the project consisted of laying new markings to the resurfaced car park, and for the remaining 30%, we worked to recover existing markings.

The works were delivered to the highest of standards while adhering to the rigorous health and safety measures of Tesco’s itself.

The new markings at the superstore comprise 4,430m of lines, 24 arrows, two sets of ATM footprints, 12 disabled bays, give way markings, 14 letters and numbers, 12 parent and child bays, 4 pedestrian logos as well as 22 metres squared of solid markings.

The Riggotts team worked tirelessly across the seven days, hopping on ferries and travelling over 211 miles to the site.

On completion of the project, we received very positive comments from customers, Vale UK Ltd and store management.

Riggotts are the market leaders in specialist applications, including surface rejuvenation work. With innovative technologies at hand such as captive shot blasting the team is able to quickly and tidily remove pre-existing lines without damaging the surface. Learn more about our Line Removal and Surface Preparation service here.

Car park give way line markings

Car park mother and child bay line markings


The Only Way Is Riggotts

24th October 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

First-time clients, Saffron Walden Town Council, required urgent works to be carried out at multiple Essex locations under their jurisdiction. These included a community centre, two playing fields, carparks and basketball court.

In total, over 500m of thermoplastic and single pack epoxy paint line markings were undertaken. Due to the urgency and size of the job, Riggotts brought in a second line marking division to ensure the project remained on schedule.

Despite having two separate crews to carry out the works, efficiency and cohesion meant an on-time and high-quality end product was never in question.

Thermoplastic Line MarkingsThermoplastic Line Markings


Hitting the mark with Resin Flooring Specialists

20th September 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Resin Flooring Specialists may be experts with internal floors, but when they required carpark line marking for their Sutton car park they called for the experience and expertise of Riggotts.

In total, 2000m of carpark line marking was completed. There were spaces for twelve electric vehicle bays, thirteen arrows and 210 numbers marked in One Pack Epoxy Paint. As well as being durable, One Pack Epoxy has a faster drying time. Applied by our own efficient team (never subcontractors), this ensured business wasn’t disrupted and the RFS team could hit the ground running.

Disabled Bays Blue Internal Carpark line marking

small motorcycle bays completed internal carpark line makring


Delivering for Smiths News

26th June 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Smiths News, the UK’s leading newspaper and magazine wholesaler, contracted Riggotts to carry out desperately needed works at their Stockport branch. Our experienced line marking team (never subcontractors) completed over 1000m of thermoplastic lining for parking bays and roadways. Their expertise and efficiency in creating lines minimised disruption, leaving Smiths News to focus on tomorrow’s headlines.

completed NO ENTRY

Completed Car Park


A long shopping list at Asda Glasshoughton

24th May 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Long-standing client Asda returned to Riggotts for repairs and relining at their Glasshoughton superstore. The full car park reline, with 5000 metres of single line, included arrows, give way markings, special needs bays, pedestrian crossings, lettering and more. Yet our experienced team carefully planned and carried out the work to ensure the minimum of disruption to shoppers and store colleagues.
Now Asda can be confident that the store car park meets the highest Health & Safety standards, and shoppers can pick up their cornflakes or complete the weekly shop more easily and safely.

completed Asda carpark 2 Completed Asdas carpark 3


No store slip ups

25th April 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

When the worlds’ favourite furniture company experienced an increasing number of complaints, slips and falls in their multi-storey car parks, they called in Riggotts to right the problem. Our team assembled and put together a plan to retexture the car park surfaces and increase their anti-skid properties. We used specialist captive shot blasting equipment to retexture the surface, which was then sealed to protect it, add further resistance and increase longevity. So now all that fell, was complaints.

Completed Multi-Storey carpark 4 Completed Multi-Storey carpark 3 Completed Multi-Storey carpark 2


Returning to port for ABP

16th March 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts has completed projects at multiple UK ports for Associated British Ports (ABP). So it was no surprise that they called on us again to carry out important works at their site in Hull.

This time, we completed over 1700 meters of single line, multiple give way junctions, five arrows and 24 pedestrian logos, keeping travellers safely on course around the port. The work was carried out by our specialist Thermoplastic Division, using both Thermoplastic and single pack epoxy resin. This ensured the project was completed to the highest quality and at maximum efficiency.

It’s thanks to our commitment to delivering the highest standards that clients such as ABP know just where to come for efficient, professional line markings, time and time again.

Completed_Junction_2 Completed_Junction


Battling the elements in Lincoln

30th November 2017by aperturemarketingukNews

Lincoln is undergoing an ambitious regeneration, including a £30m transport hub for the city centre developed by Wilmott Dixon. This includes a large multi-storey car park, which has been completed ahead of schedule. These new timings meant that the car park opening could coincide with the Christmas light switch on.

The weather was not on our side. Bad fog throughout the week resulted in dew on the surface. This made progress painfully slow, as we always complete any job to the highest standards. Our determined team adapted to the challenges and the car park opened on time. The client was over the moon to hand over on schedule, and hundreds of happy people were able to leave their vehicles in the clearly marked car park spaces as they went off to enjoy Lincoln’s festive lights.

Lincoln Car Park 2


Makeover at The Marlowes Shopping Centre

25th September 2017by aperturemarketingukNews

The Marlowes Shopping Centre in Hemel Hempstead is home to many well-known brands, from H Samuel to The Perfume Shop. When it came to refreshing their line markings they didn’t have to shop around. They chose Riggotts due to our wealth of experience within the industry, and our reputation for quality and value.

On the shopping list was over 300m of car park lining, including give way junctions, 17 disabled, and six parent and child bays. We didn’t only help to keep the shoppers safe in their vehicles – we coloured 600m2 of solid areas which included clearly marked walkways to enable them to find their way safely to and from the shopping centre.

The lining was delivered swiftly using a fast-drying one pack epoxy – just in time for the busy holiday season. At one of the centre’s busiest times, shoppers were greeted with clear, well-presented markings on arrival. After all, even the car park is part of a shopping centre’s shop window.


Riggotts Line Marking

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