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Warehouse Line Marking in Hemel Hempstead

5th March 2020by aperturemarketingukNews

There are many reasons why a company might have its internal warehouse line markings refreshed or have new markings put down.

At Riggotts line marking, we understand how speedily operations move in warehouses and distribution facilities. Employees work alongside machine operators while completing their roles simultaneously.

In order to maximise the capabilities of your facility, health and safety, efficiency and speed need to work alongside each other to provide a safe working environment – mitigating the potential risk of injury.

With Riggotts having a wealth of experience with over 25 years innovating in the line marking industry, trust assured they could provide the best work at the best price.

The latest example of what Riggotts can do for a warehouse or distribution facility was for a client in Hemel Hempstead.

The client required urgent warehouse line marking completing at their new development. In total the Riggotts paint crew delivered a total of 1757 metres of line marking, four pedestrian logos, 150 numbers and letters defining different areas and three forklift logos.

In order to improve longevity and paint adhesion, the Riggotts paint crew prepared the surface with their state of the art captive shot blasting machine. The team then applied the line markings using a two-pack epoxy paint – known for its durability through its use on such project in the past.

The warehouse line marking that the team applied has helped our client not only for health and safety reasons but has also improved their efficiency throughout the site. The line markings minimised the element of risk using clearly defined areas for pedestrians and machine-operated equipment.

If your business requires warehouse or line markings which minimise risk and improve the efficiency of your facility, please get in touch today and speak to one of our experienced team members by freephone or email.

warehouse line markings - Hemel Hempstead warehouse line markings - Hemel Hempstead


Squeaky Clean Warehouse Line Marking for Ramon Hygiene Products

15th July 2019by aperturemarketingukNews

Making sure your warehouse is in tip-top condition 24/7 is difficult, but when you’ve got line markings that are simply maintained it makes things much easier to handle.

One of the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of professional hygiene cleaning products contacted Riggotts to improve the condition of their warehouse line marking – improving health and safety, keeping their workforce safe.

Before the warehouse line marking could be applied to the surface, the high-grade polished concrete needed to be shot blasted to ensure the line marking could adhere correctly. As the line markings only last as long as the surface. Using their state-of-the-art shot blasting machines, Riggotts got to work in no time – minimising dust and working efficiently so the Ramon Hygiene staff aren’t disturbed.

After the surface was prepared the Riggotts team set out to line the warehouse using their Single Pack Epoxy paint, which has proven to stand the test of time on many sites beforehand. In total the team on-site put down 152m of lining, eight pedestrian logos and six arrows.

If you need your warehouse line marking updating or want to find out more information on what we do, click here.

Warehouse Line MarkingWarehouse Line Marking


Works at Morrisons DC using Ultra Line Marking

6th December 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

When Morrisons supermarkets needed linings at their distribution centre restored quickly, they came to Riggotts, knowing we were up to the challenge and would have the perfect competitive ingredient to meet their needs and demands.

We recommended Ultra Line Marking, the latest addition to our client shopping list. The Ultra Line Marking product is applied, then exposed to UV light which instantly cures it. This speedy process means less time on site, less disruption, and fewer carbon emissions. Yet it still provides durable linings with maximum chemical and mechanical resistance.

In all, 5000 meters of Ultra Line Marking was efficiently delivered to this distribution centre. Fast, stress-free, and with products that perfectly meet the customer’s needs – Morrisons know just where to come for line marking and more.

Ultra Line MarkingUltra Line Marking In Progress


Assurance all the way for the Assured Group Ltd.

25th October 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts were subcontracted to carry out works at British Car Auctions HQ (BCA UK) by long-term client Assured Group Ltd.

The areas needing refurbishing were prepared by our specialist captive shot-blasting team before line marking was laid to ensure superior adhesion and greater slip resistance. Also, Riggotts’ operatives carried out general line marking and pedestrian logos using Single Pack Epoxy Paint in order to create safe walking routes throughout the warehouse.

All line marking works were completed on time with minimal disruption, within budget, and to a quality higher than expected.

Interior Line MarkingInterior Line Marking


Repair and Refurbishing Thermoplastic for UK Container Maintenance

29th August 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

First-time clients, UK Container Maintenance, contracted Riggotts to carry out over 1200m of line marking. The project included: 21 pedestrian logos, lettering, roadways, and pedestrian crossings. The Internal works were completed in Single Pack Epoxy and sealed following rigorous preparation to the surface area to ensure a durable finish. Externally, to enable longevity and durability, the finished works were carried out in Thermoplastic thus securing good adhesion to the surface.

Thermoplastic External Completed

Completed Internals


Specialist surface work all tied up

30th April 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Global steel rope manufacturer Bridon Beckart contracted Riggotts to carry out important works in their manufacturing building. The work was complicated by the fact it would be on steel – a surface unsuitable for traditional paint resins. To ensure long-lasting adhesion, we selected a specialist steel grade MMA resin and applied it to a surface perfectly prepared with a captive shot blaster. Our experience in choosing the most effective material and thoroughly preparing the surface meant the project was all tied up quickly and effectively.

Completed Walkway 4 Completed Walkway 2 Completed Walkway 3


Riggotts do the heavy lifting for Hiab

20th April 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

Riggotts recently picked up a project for Hiab, the world’s leading provider of on-road handling equipment. The line marking in their main warehouse needed to be improved and updated. Before we began, Clean & Retrieve fully prepared the surfaces to remove previous markings and ensure a perfect surface for new ones. Lines, markings and solid areas were then all completed with Two Pack Epoxy Resin for durable markings in a warehouse with a heavy workload.

Completed Warehouse Markings 3 Completed Warehouse Markings 2 Completes warehouse Markings1


Delivering for UK Mail

5th April 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

UK Mail, one of the UK’s leading postal operators, chose Riggotts to carry out important health and safety amendments to their Berkshire warehouse.

We carried out over 500m of single lining together with a number of pedestrian crossings and logos within the warehouse area of the depot. The work utilised both captive shot blasting and the Advanced Lining Division. And thanks to the quick-drying time of single pack epoxy resin selected, all works were completed quickly and efficiently. So the project was delivered to the letter, with minimal disturbance to UK Mail operations.

Completed Walkway Completed Hatched Area


A dream solution for the pipe experts Wavin Group

9th February 2018by aperturemarketingukNews

The Wavin Group is Europe’s leading supplier of plastic piping systems for drainage and water. Having worked with Riggotts for several years, they asked us to prepare and line walkways and Health & Safety markings across Wavin UK’s Chippenham site.

This site includes a busy industrial manufacturing unit and warehouses, and shutdown was out of the question. Instead, we worked closely with the Wavin team, planning ahead to ensure operations would remain on the move. This meant selecting epoxy linings that wouldn’t disrupt operations yet still meet the demands required of it.

With no time to waste, we used our top-of-the-range, versatile blasting machines to prepare surfaces correctly. This results in better application and more durable markings. By working weekends to complete the process, our team made sure that Wavin operations ran smoothly too. In fact, if it wasn’t for the gleaming new markings to keep Wavin’s employees and visitors safe, they’d hardly have known we were there.

Our experienced team (which never includes sub-contractors) are experts in finding ways to work alongside business operations. Achieving maximum results with the minimum disruption is what sees companies like Wavin return to Riggotts again and again.

Wavin Walkway Preparation

Wavin Completed Walkway


The clear choice for Safestyle

26th October 2017by aperturemarketingukNews

With over 20 years’ experience of lining yards for large clients, it’s easy to see why Safestyle chose us to carry out the clear and concise lining in their yard area. As the UK’s leading supplier and installer of uPVC windows and doors, it’s a busy place.

Our team advised and applied a durable one pack epoxy, covering 62m2 with solid green, yellow and black. The job also required lettering for the forklift truck fuel point and fire assembly point, which was also applied by our highly skilled team.

Safestyle Walkway

Safestyle Fuel Point


Warehouse Marking for Allport Cargo Services Ltd

29th March 2017by aperturemarketingukNews

Allport Cargo Services Ltd is freight, logistics and supply chain experts who operate in over 30 countries around the world. Headquartered in Cowley, Middlesex, they have over 50 years of experience providing freight and logistics services to customers across a wide variety of sectors. They provide global supply chain solutions to top brands including French Connection, Ted Baker and Jigsaw, in addition to businesses in sectors spanning from automotive to publishing to defence.


Allport Cargo Services Ltd subcontracted Riggotts to complete internal warehouse line marking at their warehouse in Bardon. The Riggotts team started the job by removing almost 200m2 of markings. Next, they used two pack epoxy to mark over 1000m of lining, including 40 pedestrian logos. With fresh line markings, the Allport Cargo Services warehouse is now much safer for employees working in and around the building.


Riggotts has almost 22 years of experience in the line marking industry and is proud to have completed another top warehouse marking job for Allport Cargo Services. With a portfolio spanning a wide range of clients, from top supermarkets to small independent traders, Riggotts has the best line marking solution for your next project!



Improving Safety With Warehouse Line Marking

17th February 2015by aperturemarketingukNews

Along with our focus on great quality results and excellent customer service, Riggotts are dedicated to upholding high levels of safety.

One of our areas of expertise is warehouse line marking which helps make warehouses a safer place for people working in them as well as helping them to run smoothly and more efficiently. Highly vibrant line markings, such as our diagonal yellow line markings, are crucial in warehouses both for staff working in them and staff from other departments who may have to visit or pass through them as they make it clearer to see where safe walkways are and can be used to mark out racking spaces so items are placed in suitable areas. Clear internal warehouse line markings are one of the factors you need to check for when completing a risk assessment.

The Health and Safety Executive also highly recommends that unloading areas are clearly marked out and in larger warehouses, it can be beneficial to mark out the path to the nearest fire exit. We use top quality, high specification products for our internal warehouse markings including chlorinated rubber and MMA resins to give lasting, fade-resistant results as well as being non-skid, which also increases the level of safety both for staff walking through your warehouse and those operating machinery alike. We also offer floor surface preparations which are a crucial step to ensure long-lasting, durable results and refreshing sprays for painted surfaces.

Our high-quality products combined with excellent workmanship and attention to detail and quality ensures that your warehouse is a safer place for all of your staff and is correctly marked to adhere to health and safety guidelines.


Plastiline Passes Durability Test At Asda Avonmouth

27th February 2014by aperturemarketingukNews

Asda’s Avonmouth distribution centre is big – 492,000 sq ft – and it’s extremely busy – it has the capacity to support 78 Superstores and 45 supermarkets. Strategically placed to help Asda expand in the south of the UK when the existing line marking tape started to peel off due to the force of abuse from the constant to-and-fro of forklifts, heavy produce and vans, contractors the McLaren Group approached Riggotts to find a solution.

“We had to find something much more robust and durable to replace the failing tape,” explains Nick Riggott, commercial director at Riggotts. “I’d been sent a sample of a new, pre-formed, self-adhesive plastic line called Plastiline which I thought might fit the bill.” What better time to test the durability of Plastiline than at the distribution centre’s busiest time? For Asda, this, of course, would be the festive period. Continues Nick: “After managing to withstand a trial in the hectic lead up to Christmas, we knew Plastiline was the winner.

So, Simon Staniland and his team ended up laying 17,000 metres of the product over a four-week period.” Peter Boswell, site contact for McLaren said: “We were extremely impressed just how well Plastiline worked, especially as we couldn’t have tested it in a higher trafficked time, so we know it’s going to withstand the test of time.”

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