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De-signed, Sealed and Delivered Line Plans for Jack Tighe Painting Ltd

31st May 2019by galinar84News

Returning client Jack Tighe Painting Ltd got in touch with the Riggotts team urgently needing their vehicle bays and pit areas refurbished.

Ensuring your employees feel and are safe in the workplace is key to the productivity of your business and the comfort of your employees.

Separating pedestrian and motor vehicle pathways in an industrial location helps to prevent injury in the workplace as well as improving workflow, allowing different traffic to flow freely around the location.

Line plans (the floor layout) also erase the possibility of confusion whilst building a general sense of efficiency and mutual understanding between colleagues by avoiding confusion surrounding the location of products or bays.

After a rigorous chemical clean in and around the vehicle bay and pit areas to encourage adhesion, Riggotts were able to carry out a total of 370m2 of solid black and yellow hatching, as well as over 500m of yellow and white lining all, carried out in a specialised epoxy resin. Since the area of application is prone to chemical spills and heavy traffic, a protective sealant was also applied to increase the longevity of the surface.

For more information on the products Riggotts used or to inquire about a tailored floor plan designed to improve the efficiency of your business please click here.

Line Plans for Jack Tighe Painting LtdLine Plans for Jack Tighe Painting Ltd

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