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Car Park Line Markings Worthy of a Standing Ovation

29th March 2021by galinar84News

While the recent coronavirus pandemic has rendered most businesses unable to operate as expected, Riggotts Line Marking are busy carrying out works for these businesses, getting their car parks ready for when they reopen.

Our experienced paint crews carried out essential underground car park maintenance for the Royal Opera House in London, ready for the big reopen later in in the year.

It’s important to remember that car park line markings don’t just outline where customers can park but act as a safety barrier, encouraging people to park sensibly, reducing accidents and making the car park more efficient by allowing for more cars to be parked there.

If you like what you hear and require expertly delivered warehouse line markings, get in touch today.

We operate internationally, all the while providing outstanding works without compromising on quality.

So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered.

If you need advice on ensuring your car park line markings are up to scratch, arrange for a site visit.

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Car Park Line Markings Car Park Line Markings Car Park Line Markings


Delivering underground car park line markings for Morrisons

31st October 2019by galinar84News

Car parking spaces. An ever-growing issue in the big cities and towns of the UK, finding a space to park in can be a nightmare – especially when you’re in a rush.

With space for car parks being a big issue in London and other cities, there’s only one option – go down. Yes, that’s right, underground carparks are on the rise yet again – giving the UK public more access to areas which previously could not provide enough parking. 

But what does this mean and how can it benefit you? The advantage is that the precious space that is available in the big cities can be preserved or utilised for other purposes. For example, development and going further underground is an effective way of utilising space which isn’t used – protecting the skyline and preventing an ever-growing number of highrise buildings.

Working underground is nothing new for Riggotts, we’ve been delivering underground car park line markings since they started becoming more popular. Riggotts don’t just offer line markings; we can design parking plans, which improve efficiency and the safety in the carpark itself – minimising the risk of injury for all its users.

The latest project where we carried out underground car park line markings was for Morrisons at their superstore in Crowborough.

In total, the underground car park line markings consisted of 12 arrows

484 metres squared of solid areas, 17 disabled logos, eight 600×100, 16 600×200, nine letters/numbers, 295 meters squared of MMA, 15 parent and child logos and 2,454 meters of underground car park line markings.

All the above underground car park line markings were completed using a mixture of Thermoplastic and MMA paint. Both chosen for their durable, slip-resistant and reflective properties. Perfect for underground parking conditions.

Contact the line marking experts here today, if you need your car park lines refreshing. Alternatively, if your underground car park is a new development, we can accommodate for parking plans and deliver lines of the best quality using the best products on time and to budget.

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