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PPE Ventilators supplied to Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS

20th April 2020by galinar84News

Riggotts pride themselves on providing the best possible PPE for its employees so when disaster strikes, they know they’re protected.

With Coronavirus making an ever more significant impact on the UK day by day, Riggotts has started to supply personal protective equipment to Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS to help combat the shortage of masks which protect the NHS staff on the front line.

The masks that Riggotts have supplied Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS are state of the art full-face air-fed respirator masks by Sundstrom – capable of filtering all manner of solvents, bacteria and dust.

The masks purify the air-flow using a powered filtration system creating an outer air seal barrier, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst the NHS staff. Deployed around the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS allows many more front line staff to work safely and in turn, help patients through the pandemic lowering the chances of the staff being infected.

In such uncertain times, we must pull together as a community and help one another as much as we can while keeping our selves safe. Standing by this commitment, the Riggotts office staff are working from home, and the liners are only completing essential projects.

For more information on what riggotts are doing to protect their staff and what sort of projects deemed essential please don’t wait, get in touch today either via freephone 08008488414 or via email at webenquiries@riggott.co.uk

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS - Masks Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS - masks


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