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Line Marking For Sports Courts

27th February 2015by galinar84News

So many sports depend on clear line marking in order to be played properly, from marking out athletic tracks and marking lines on basketball courts for scoring purposes to dividing up courts for safety and showing players where they should be positioned.  As well as marking the sports court and pitches themselves, we can create clear, durable lines in the spectator’s areas ensuring that people watching the games have a clear pathway to and from their seats and know how far to stand back for safety purposes.

Riggotts specialises in high quality white and yellow line marking as well as a full spectrum of multi-coloured lines and surface coverings, which are all vibrant, highly durable and stand out whatever the weather conditions. For example, if you needed marking for a school or youth club where several sports and activities are played on the same pitch, we can provide different coloured lines to help players easily distinguish the sports court boundaries and scoring areas.

Our industry-leading line markings are highly visible so they are easy to see and identify even after wet or frosty weather. Being long-lasting and highly-durable means that they can withstand plenty of foot-fall without needing extra maintenance so, once applied, you don’t have to worry about a thing. As well as delivering a high-quality premium service and excellent customer service, we offer very competitive prices so you get excellent value for money. At Riggotts we understand how important this is for schools and organisations that require a great service but have a limited budget.

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