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A speedy delivery for the B1203

8th April 2019by galinar84News

After reports of speeding on a small country road, Riggotts were subcontracted by returning client Engie Services Ltd to carry out urgent refurbishment works on the B1203.

Using their many years’ of experience, Riggotts had a plan of action in place and quickly made it to the site. The operatives on site laid down a plethora of speed-deterrent markings after removing the faded pre-existing lines.

The new markings comprised 28, 30 mph speed roundels, 80 letters & numbers and 116 metres of red rumble strip.

Red rumble strip causes vibrations in the steering wheel of a vehicle drawing the drivers attention to their speed whilst also ensuring they’re alert.

The thermoplastic materials used in this application contain a reflective material to increase visibility at night – helping to keep vehicles on the correct side of the road and showing the drivers of the path ahead.

Boasting over 25 years’ experience, Riggotts employ a variety of advanced materials and specialist line marking techniques to help maintain the safety of the UK’s roads. Visit our Contact Page to learn more about what Riggotts can do for you.

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Last minute line marking for Via East Midlands

1st April 2019by galinar84News

Be it last minute or months in advance, when Riggotts National Line Marking gets the call we work to make sure your project is completed on time and to budget.

Following an unforeseen road closure brought on by Severn Trent Water, Via East Midlands (a Nottinghamshire County Council Company which aims to safeguard the delivery of a sustainable highways service) saw the opportunity for some much-needed safety improvement on Salmon Lane.

Thanks to our flexible team, we were able to get out to the site during the temporary closure to renew the badly faded line marking and ultimately improve safety.

The Riggotts team used durable thermoplastic in the project, which is guaranteed to provide clear line marking and a safer road for years to come.

A spokesperson for Via East Midlands commented on the project saying:

“Thanks for the excellent response to our request for crews to refresh the lining throughout the Salmon Lane site.

“The fact you were able to get the resources together at such short notice, enabling us to take advantage of Severn Trent Waters road closure, certainly is appreciated at Via.

“The quality of the works done by the crews has made a real difference to what was previously a very badly faded site.”

Feedback from our clients is always appreciated, but when a client takes the time out of their day to let us know how happy they are it always puts a smile on our faces.

Riggotts deliver quality in a timely fashion. That’s why we’re the choice of many big names across the UK.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do, visit our services page here.


Night roadworks? Not a problem for Riggotts

12th November 2018by galinar84News

Nottinghamshire County Council recently appointed Riggotts to undertake road line marking works on the A610 in Nottinghamshire. To cause minimal disruption all work was carried out during the night which included over 10,000 meters of extruded line markings with hatched areas, and refurbishment of over 600 Halifax style reflective Cats Eyes. For total client satisfaction, the experienced workforce completed all work on time and within budget.

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