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Reflective Road Studs and Cat’s Eyes

17th April 2015by galinar84News

As leading road marking specialists, Riggotts have a vast experience in increasing road safety and visibility. We deliver a wide range of road and line markings as well as other services including road stud installation. We can deliver road studs and cat’s eyes either by themselves or as part of our ‘one-stop’ package and these are a fantastic way of increasing safety both on motorways and in smaller areas such as car parks and pedestrian crossings.

Reflective road studs are available in a range of different colours to help give instructions to drivers, for example, red studs mark the left edge of the road and white studs help to mark out separate lanes and the middle of the road. When it is too dark or too foggy for drivers and pedestrians to see road markings clearly, they reflect the light emitted from vehicles’ headlights to give instructions and minimise the risk of accidents and damage to vehicles.

Reflective road studs can also be used in warehouses to help mark out loading areas and to mark out parking bays in car parks. Again, they can be used in conjunction with line marking for maximum visibility and clarity. The less confusion there is, the less chance there is of an accident. Riggotts can provide the traditional Halifax-style cast steel cat’s eyes which are the most widely spread variety and have been around since their invention in 1932; these are in rubber mounted inserts and are resistant to any damage from being driven over and resistant to snowplough damage. We can also provide maintenance-free domed glass style cat’s eyes and solar-powered road studs.

We use specialised equipment to install reflecting road studs and cat’s eyes well within your time frame and our highly trained team deliver great results and meet your exacting requirements. Much like our road marking and line marking services, our reflective road studs and cats eyes can be tailored to your individual needs, whether they are needed for a whole stretch of motorway or a small area in a private car park.

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