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Packing a punch

20th November 2017by galinar84News

DS Smith is one of Europe’s leading packaging companies. Having grown from humble beginnings to a £4.7m operation employing 27,000 staff in 37 countries, they understand the importance of expertise. So when they needed line markings for a new layout at their depot, they knew Riggotts would have it wrapped up in no time.

The first challenge was to remove the old layout markings. For this, we use the Clean & Retrieve Ride-On machine. Run-on gas, it has no trailing cables – making it the ideal choice to clean up in a live operational warehouse.

As well as clearing the markings efficiently, the Clean & Retrieve Ride-On leaves a perfectly prepared surface. Our team took advantage and applied approximately 4,500m of lining with a single pack epoxy. We were pleased to deliver a durable, long-lasting solution for our client.

DS Smith 3

DS Smith 2


Prepare for the best

28th July 2017by galinar84News

At Riggotts we know how important a well-prepared surface is in improving the performance and lifespan of line markings. That’s why we’re now working with Clean & Retrieve to strip any previous coatings and to prepare surfaces, ensuring a clean start for the perfect finish.

Clean & Retrieve have the UK’s first ride-on shot blaster – an efficient way to prepare surfaces for marking. Because it runs on gas and petrol there are no trailing cables, improving safety as well as ease. It’s completely dust-free too, leaving no mess, just the perfect surface. Its compact size and a weight of only 850kg mean it can travel in a van or trailer with our team. It may be small, but it packs a punch too. It’s effective on textured surfaces, both internally and externally.

Once we have an expertly prepared, dust-free surface, we can apply lines and markings with ease. Using our specialist knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, our own teams complete the job to our stringent health and safety, environmental, and quality standards.

Riggotts have worked with Clean & Retrieve for many of our clients, including Morrisons, Asda, DHL, UK Mail and Amazon. It’s our commitment to using the best equipment, our expertise and professional approach that has contractors lining up to use us, again and again.




Riggotts Lines Thameslink For VolkerFitzpatrick

1st March 2016by galinar84News

Riggotts are excited to debut new lining work completed for returning clients VolkerFitzpatrick. The four-phase project, which began in early 2015, has been underway at the new Thameslink Train Depot in Hornsey. The Depot is part of a major Thameslink upgrade that will significantly improve rail services across London and the southeast. galv steel Riggotts won the contract, which entailed priming, cleaning and painting galvanised step edgings, from esteemed engineering and construction company VolkerFitzpatrick. The Riggotts team first cleansed the galvanised steel using a mordant solution, before applying a coat of Pro-Tect bonding agent to the edgings. Team operatives Max Stasans and Steven Bryce then painted these edgings with one-pack epoxy paint and chlorinated rubber for a highly visible finish, ensuring the depot meets applicable safety standards. stairs Performing work at a new railway depot is no easy task. Prior to work commencing, the Riggotts team completed extensive paperwork and underwent comprehensive health and safety training. It is for this reason that Riggotts was the best choice for the project: with our reputation for reliability and a high standard of work, VolkerFitzpatrick knew the job would be finished to their specifications.


Line Removal And Surface Preparation Treatments

13th May 2015by galinar84News

As market leaders in the field of car park lining, marking and surface treatments, Riggotts also offer a range of surface preparation and rejuvenation treatments to both remove previous line markings, including white lining and yellow lining, and to prepare the surface for your new linings and surface coverings.

Our teams are highly trained in a number of surface preparation and line removal treatments and will select the most suitable method depending on the surface being treated, as well as the nature of the road lining and markings being removed. These treatments include diamond grinding, scabbling, hydro blast line removal and captive shot blast line removal and surface preparation, which was introduced in 2012. Depending on the method being used and the size of the area being treated, we will either use hand-held equipment or ride-on machinery. Our knowledge and experience mean that we know what method to use for each circumstance to avoid damage to the surface and to achieve the best possible results.

We can also remove old colours from car park surfaces and re-colour old tarmac for instant rejuvenation and so that you can rearrange the layout of your car park. As with our other services such as road marking and lining, all projects are completed within time scale and within budget so that you get the best possible return on your investment and so that there is minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your company

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