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First-Class Line Marking delivery for Royal Mail Heathrow

12th October 2020by galinar84News

Established in 1516, The Royal Mail Group plc is the UK’s most popular postal service, initially operating as a department of the English government – the companies subsidiary “Royal Mail Group Limited” runs the brands Parcelforce Worldwide and Royal Mail.

As of 2019, the Royal mail group operates a total of 37 distribution centres – the largest of which is the worldwide hub at Heathrow Airport, Slough. The enormous hub itself has thousands of people under its employment, with health and safety key, and rigorously planned out routes aimed for efficiency.

In such a parcel sorting machine, distribution centre line marking is of paramount importance – not only for increased efficiency but to keep its thousands of employees safe.

Holding over 25 years of experience in the line marking industry, Riggotts know precisely how to approach the task ahead in keeping Royal Mail and its employees safe.

In total, the line marking carried out onsite was as follows; four arrows, seven speed roundels, 61 pedestrian logos, 260 metres squared of solid areas, 443 letters and numbers, and almost 4000 metres of line marking.

The Riggotts team carried out the works with their single pack epoxy paint. To improve adhesion and longevity of the line marking, all surfaces were prepared using their specialist captive shot blasting equipment.

All in all, the project was a great success, with all works completed on time and to budget.

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We operate nationally and more recently internationally, all the while delivering outstanding works without compromising on quality.

So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered.

If you need advice on ensuring your warehouse or health and safety line markings are up to scratch get in touch to arrange for a site visit.

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Line Marking for Royal Mail


Rapid results for Rochdale Distribution Centre

24th July 2020by galinar84News

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen a great deal of companies invest and upgrade their health and safety measures in line with the government’s COVID-19 prevention guidelines whilst workers are away on furlough. They are making sure that when their workers come back to work, they are protected, especially if the workplace can often be crowded.

At Riggotts we understand that distribution centres are extremely busy facilities, so when you need work doing, we will fit our work around your business. Having delivered health and safety line markings for several distribution centres throughout the UK, we know a thing or two about how to deliver works effectively and efficiently.

Whether its COVID-19 prevention markings, walkways, HGV loading bays or pedestrian crossings we use our over 800 years of combined experience to deliver works that not only are up to health and safety regulations but provide efficiency throughout the distribution centre.

Earlier this week, one of the Riggotts paint crews were carrying out essential works for an existing client at one of their distribution centres in Rochdale.

In total the experienced paint crew carried out over 10,000 metres of line markings, 75 pedestrian logos, 11 speed roundels, several give way markings, 104 numbers/letters, 69 metres squared solid area and 31 arrows. To guarantee the best adhesion, the crew used a single pack epoxy paint, ensuring longevity and durability.

If you like what you hear and require any of our distribution centre line marking services, please get in touch. We operate nationally and more recently internationally, all the while delivering outstanding line markings without compromising on quality. So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered. If you need advice on ensuring you’re compliant with your health and safety markings get in touch to arrange for a site visit.

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Distribution Centre Line Markings Distribution Centre Line Markings


Magor Distribution Centre requires a full refresh

24th January 2020by galinar84News

The hustle and bustle of a fully functioning distribution centre is hard to compare with – the amount of traffic and other HGV vehicles which roam these vast centres are known offenders for accentuating line marking wear and tear.

To combat such line marking munching machines, Riggotts have the perfect recipe for sustaining and improving the longevity of line markings on-site – correct surface preparation and improved sealing to ensure complete adhesion.

Looking to Wales and stepping back almost 15 years – Riggotts completed this colossal distribution centre for Wilkinsons in Magor, a large village in Monmouthshire, South-East Wales.

The Wilkinsons Distribution centre has been a client of Riggotts for almost 15 years since the site was initially opened 15 years ago. When they required a complete line marking refresh, we knew precisely what to do.

After a significant resurfacing program, one of the Riggotts Thermoplastic teams was on the way to completely reline and refresh the newly finished surface.

With thousands of metres of line marking already completed on the Magor project, the Riggotts team have kept to their stringent time scale – minimising client disruptions.

Togeather, the new thermoplastic line markings and resurfaced tarmac make the perfect conditions for adhesion, extending the life of the line markings.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of the site, the new and improved line markings add to upgraded health and safety while enhancing the efficiency of the highly used roadways.

Improving efficiency doesn’t just improve the speed; it saves valuable time and money, which then can be put to good use elsewhere.

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Distribution Centre Line Markings Distribution Centre Line Markings


Distribution Line Markings for VolkerFitzpatrick

15th October 2019by galinar84News

One of the UK’s leading engineering and construction companies contacted Riggotts to carry out essential line marking at one of their ongoing projects at a distribution centre.

VolkerFitzpatrick operates in the civil engineering, building and rail industries as a contractor, turning over more than £500m per year and employing over 650 people throughout the UK. As a returning client, VolkerFitzpatrick knew what to expect from the Riggotts team: A high-quality product, on time and to budget.

The project in Riggotts’ sights was a distribution centre, requiring new line marking in both thermoplastic and single pack epoxy spray.

The line marking was required to be clearly defined, durable and well laid out in order to create a safer workspace for employees/customers and improve efficiency in and around the centre. Within the distribution centre grounds, the lines would be heavily trafficked by HGVs and large vehicles, however, the high quality of the product used by the Riggotts operatives meant there wouldn’t be a problem with longevity.

In total, the experienced Riggotts crew completed; 27 disabled logos, 17 EV logos, 16 1200mm letters/numbers, 30 pedestrian logos, 23m2 solid areas, 10,919m 100mm white lining, 22m 300mm white lining, 200m 100mm white hatching, 618m 100mm yellow lining and 571m 100mm yellow hatching. All the lining was carefully carried out to the maximum efficiency to improve the product durability.

With the customer’s best interests at heart, Riggotts managed to complete the required works on time and to budget while providing the distribution centre with crucial line marking which boosted health and safety throughout the site and improved efficiency for the densely trafficked areas.

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Distribution Centre Line Markings


Riggotts Go Outdoors in Middlewich Distribution Centre

8th July 2019by galinar84News

Go Outdoors, Britain’s largest outdoor clothing and equipment retailer enlisted Riggotts to deliver line markings at their latest distribution centre to improve the health and safety of its distribution centre staff.

The distribution centre in question is non-other than the latest addition to the Go Outdoors property portfolio – the new 353,00 sq ft distribution centre in Middlewich.

The works carried out on-site consisted of over 550m of lining and 14 pedestrian logos, clearly separating parking bays and walkways. All the works carried out on site were firstly shot blasted to promote adhesion, after which the crew laid down single pack epoxy to ensure longevity – securing the safety of the workers at the Middlewich site.

Boasting over 25 years’ experience helping companies make their workplaces a safer environment, Riggotts have proved to stand the test of time and produce high-quality services that don’t disappoint.

For more information on this project and see how Riggotts can help your business get in touch today.

Distribution Centre Line Marking - Cheshire

Distribution Centre Line Marking - Cheshire

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