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Growing health and safety with Single Pack Epoxy and Colour Plus

11th September 2019by galinar84News

Openfield Agriculture Ltd, a leading British grain marketing and arable input co-operative contacted Riggotts to carry out works at their Grantham facility.

Knowing that heavy-duty machinery and vehicles would be operating throughout the premises, we knew the product we used needed to be heavy-duty too.

The work was carried out in Single Pack Epoxy paint and Colour Plus paint – a single pack high-build surface coating which incorporates a UV-stable modified acrylic resin. It is these properties which increase the durability and longevity of the paint.

In total, Riggotts installed 1326 meters of lining, 12 pedestrian logos, 68 letters/numbers, two forklift truck logos, one accessible bay logo, 17 arrows and 54 meters squared of solid areas.

When Openfield asked for walkways which stand out, we knew just what to offer, Colour Plus. This was just one-way Riggotts provided a service like no other.

At Riggotts we can adapt to any job, no matter the size or timescale. If you have any questions, would like any information or require a free quote please contact us today on 0800 8488414

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