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Landing Airfield and Runway Line Markings

17th March 2020by galinar84News

Airfield line marking and runway maintenance is essential to the daily operations of the modern-day airport, from directional runway markings to traditional methods of maintenance Riggotts can provide for all – having completed works on both major and small airstrips. Riggotts offer a full application of this service to CAA CAP168 and Military JSP318 standards.

Riggotts provide airfield lining & runway maintenance services for both civilian and Ministry of Defence airfields. Depending on the specification, chlorinated rubber, one/two-pack epoxy and hot-applied thermoplastic can all be used.

Riggotts produce line markings to our own exacting standards and specifications, working carefully to ensure we match their customers’ individual requirements on any surface.

More recently the Riggotts lining crews carried out contracts on several airports including two RAF bases and the Isle of Man Airport. With three contracts running simultaneously throughout the UK, the teams managed to preserve the deals and brought them all to handover, even with the inclement weather hindering their efforts.

Over the three sites, the Riggotts lining crew completed over 10,000 meters of airfield line marking, making the airports compliant to CAA and health and safety standards.

With the right tools and experience, airfield and runway lining can be delivered with ease – giving the airport that extra level of safety.

Typically the average runway varies from 8,000 foot to 12,000 foot long; this means its imperative for the professionals to take over to ensure the correct lining is applied to the exact dimensions, this is of the utmost importance as the slightest mistake can result in a significant accident.

If your airport facility requires line markings don’t wait, contact us today, here, for a free no-obligation quote. Alternatively, give us a call at 08008488414.

Airfield Lining and Runway Maintenance Airfield Lining and Runway Maintenance Airfield Lining and Runway Maintenance

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