Keeping things moving for Roca

Project: Keeping things moving for Roca



Keeping things moving for Roca

When global plumbing manufacturer Roca needed warehouse line marking on their new Coalville distribution centre, they returned to Riggotts. After all, having worked with us in the past, they’ve seen firsthand how efficient our service is and how durable our products are.

The Coalville site required both internal and external markings to meet health and safety regulations and to ensure efficient travel through the distribution centre. As the arrival of racking was imminent, we had only 3 days to complete over 500m of internal warehouse line marking, plus numbers and letters  – all in various colours.

To prepare the surface, we called in approved contractor Clean and Retrieve for specialist shot-blasting. As their state of the art Dust Free, Compact Ride-on Shot blaster was partially developed by ourselves, we knew it would create the perfect surface for a durable finish. Our team then applied warehouse line marking using Two Pack Epoxy Paint and our specialist Airless Spray Machine. This first part of the project was completed ahead of schedule, allowing the racking to be fitted as planned.

We then completed over 2500m of external line markings to create parking, loading bays and roadways in just one day. Our team chose a Single Pack Epoxy Paint to ensure the markings were as durable outside like that inside.

This project was yet another example of how we work closely with our clients. Our experienced and efficient teams always work to minimise disruption, whether by meeting tight deadlines or working outside of a client’s working hours.

Completed Internal Works - Warehouse Line Marking Completed Internal Works 2 - Warehouse Line Marking

Shot-blasting Internal Works 2 - Warehouse Line Marking Shot-blasting Internal Works - Warehouse Line Marking

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