RAF Benson Enlists Riggotts

Project: RAF Benson Enlists Riggotts



RAF Benson Enlists Riggotts

Situated in South Oxfordshire, RAF Benson has been committed to operations and support operations throughout the world since 1939. Home to two-thirds of the RAF’s support helicopter force, it is one of the busiest stations in the RAF with personnel deploying regularly.

RAF Benson approached Riggotts regarding the need to bring their line markings up to date, especially the centre line dots on the runways, which were not only ready for a refresh but needed to be brought up to the latest specification.

To carry out the works, the line markers first needed to start with a blank canvas. The first stage of the project was, therefore, to remove the blocks at the ends of each of the runways. Once removed, the team set to work marking all the necessary lines including ‘stop bars’ on taxiways, new centre dots and dedicated pedestrian walkways.

Shane Cutter, line marker at Riggotts, commented: “It was great working for such an important client such as RAF Benson – it’s an extremely busy station so we had to work around daily operations and not cause any inconvenience to those using the station. The job only took five days and hopefully means that operations can now run more efficiently and effectively.”

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