High fliers at Glasgow Airport

Project: High fliers at Glasgow Airport



High fliers at Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport is Scotland’s second busiest airport, serving almost nine and a half million passengers in 2016. The airport was opened over 50 years ago and now offers flights to the Middle East and the US as well as throughout Europe and the UK.

Riggotts were subcontracted to apply 1600m of lining across the site (that’s even further than it is from the airport to Glasgow city centre!) In addition to this, our team marked out pedestrian logos, lettering, arrows and speed roundels in single pack epoxy. The material’s fast-drying and durable qualities provided exceptional results. Our clients were left with markings that will last under the stresses and strains of vehicular and pedestrian footfall.

Glasgow Airport Car Park

We were selected for our experience and expertise, as with so passengers it was imperative the process was precision-managed with absolute minimal disruption. Effective markings, efficiently applied, will help to keep the airport running smoothly and keep another nine and a half million passengers safer each year.

Riggotts Line Marking

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