Over 5000 new cat’s eyes installed in Aberdeenshire

One of the Riggotts line marking crews were sent up to the top of the UK to carry out essential road works including the installation of cat’s eyes throughout the Aberdeenshire tourist routes.

What’s their purpose? Cat’s eyes are a device which has been a big part of road safety since their invention in 1933 by roadworker Mr Percy Shaw. Variations of Shaw’s original “cat’s eye” can be found throughout the world, however, on UK roads the variations include:

The original cat’s eye – White and separate traffic flow direction.

Red studs – A warning to notify where the left edge of the road is.

Amber studs – To warn drivers of the central reservation on a dual carriageway or motorway.

Green studs – Signifying the edge of a carriageway & identifying rest areas and slip roads.

Yellow studs – Warns drivers that there are tempory adjustments to the road taking place, i.e. roadworks.

Combined with expert skill and over 90 years of history within the industry, the Riggotts crews soon got to work.

In total, over five thousand white cat’s eyes were installed displaying the centre of the road and separating traffic flow direction. These cat’s eyes will improve health and safety for the road users throughout Aberdeenshire.

The Riggotts crews didn’t just install cat’s eyes, they also delivered line markings across the same Aberdeenshire tourist routes.

In order to build efficiency and save time, Rigggotts used their state of the art line marking extrusion machine to “pump out” the meterage and reduce traffic disruption. The team conducted its traffic management safely, and efficiently.

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Cat's eyes Aberdeenshirecat's eyes and Line marking in Aberdeenshire


Car Park Line Marking for London Luton Airport


London Luton Airport, previously Luton International Airport, is one of the six international airports which serves the London area. 

The airport serves as the base for many airlines including EasyJet, TUI Airways, Ryanair and Wizz Air. 

London Luton serves mainly European destinations, however some flights charter to destinations in Northern Africa and Asia. 

In 2018, over 16.5 million passengers passed through the airport – making it the UK’s fifth busiest falling behind Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead. 

Busy airports require large parking capacities, that’s why The Buckingham Group called in Riggotts National Line Marking to resurface their multi-story car park and apply clearer, bolder lines to improve visibility as well as capacity. 


With the client’s airport serving tens of millions of people a year, Riggotts needed to develop a streamlined, staged strategy to ensure minimal disruption to the airports’ operation during the project. 

The floors of the car park were split into stages, starting from the ground floor and working their way up. 

Riggotts National Line Marking enlisted their state-of-the-art captive shot-blasting technology to resurface the surfaces in the car park, reducing the number of concrete dust particles which enter the air. This not only minimises respiratory hazards for people nearby but also minimises clean up allowing operations to carry on as normal as soon as possible. 

Maintenance, while a key part of ensuring an airport is safe and fit for use, is also a large cause for delays. Riggotts have an excellent track record of delivering their projects on time and to budget. 

Riggotts used a combination of materials for the project, including hard-wearing Single Pack Epoxy – chosen for its longevity, versatile application and bold colours. 


Riggotts applied a plethora of markings in the newly resurfaced car park. 

Accessible Parking bays were added to improve the overall usability of the car park for less-abled passengers, and pedestrian walkways were made more pronounced to improve the safety of people on foot in the car park. 

Directional arrows on the pedestrian walkways were also used to remove confusion and ease navigation of the large-capacity car park – helping people get to their flights on time and improving the customer experience. 

The improved floor plan also utilises ultra-clear give way markings to reduce confusion amongst motor traffic and prevent incidents, which would certainly kick off passengers’ holidays to a bad start. 

If you have any queries or would like to inquire about floor plan development or car park lining, get in touch with our friendly team via the contact page here or call us directly on (0800) 8488414

luton airport car park line marking  luton airport car park line marking  luton airport car park line marking  luton airport car park line marking


Keeping things moving for Roca

When global plumbing manufacturer Roca needed warehouse line marking on their new Coalville distribution centre, they returned to Riggotts. After all, having worked with us in the past, they’ve seen firsthand how efficient our service is and how durable our products are.

The Coalville site required both internal and external markings to meet health and safety regulations and to ensure efficient travel through the distribution centre. As the arrival of racking was imminent, we had only 3 days to complete over 500m of internal warehouse line marking, plus numbers and letters  – all in various colours.

To prepare the surface, we called in approved contractor Clean and Retrieve for specialist shot-blasting. As their state of the art Dust Free, Compact Ride-on Shot blaster was partially developed by ourselves, we knew it would create the perfect surface for a durable finish. Our team then applied warehouse line marking using Two Pack Epoxy Paint and our specialist Airless Spray Machine. This first part of the project was completed ahead of schedule, allowing the racking to be fitted as planned.

We then completed over 2500m of external line markings to create parking, loading bays and roadways in just one day. Our team chose a Single Pack Epoxy Paint to ensure the markings were as durable outside like that inside.

This project was yet another example of how we work closely with our clients. Our experienced and efficient teams always work to minimise disruption, whether by meeting tight deadlines or working outside of a client’s working hours.

Completed Internal Works - Warehouse Line Marking Completed Internal Works 2 - Warehouse Line Marking

Shot-blasting Internal Works 2 - Warehouse Line Marking Shot-blasting Internal Works - Warehouse Line Marking


High fliers at Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport is Scotland’s second busiest airport, serving almost nine and a half million passengers in 2016. The airport was opened over 50 years ago and now offers flights to the Middle East and the US as well as throughout Europe and the UK.

Riggotts were subcontracted to apply 1600m of lining across the site (that’s even further than it is from the airport to Glasgow city centre!) In addition to this, our team marked out pedestrian logos, lettering, arrows and speed roundels in single pack epoxy. The material’s fast-drying and durable qualities provided exceptional results. Our clients were left with markings that will last under the stresses and strains of vehicular and pedestrian footfall.

Glasgow Airport Car Park

We were selected for our experience and expertise, as with so passengers it was imperative the process was precision-managed with absolute minimal disruption. Effective markings, efficiently applied, will help to keep the airport running smoothly and keep another nine and a half million passengers safer each year.


Painting The City Red – Nottingham City Council Red Routes

Riggotts have worked with Nottingham City Council for over 10 years, so we were their first port of call when they wanted to introduce ‘red routes’ in the city.

Red routes were first introduced in London around 26 years ago to ease congestion, and they’ve since been adopted by other cities. The line markings look similar to yellow lines – but are red. Because vehicles are not allowed to stop anywhere on a red route, it encourages free-flowing traffic, aiming to reduce congestion and pollution.

To create Nottingham’s red routes we applied over 7500m of thermoplastic lining on major roads into the city. These include London Road, Canal Street and Lower Parliament Street. As these are some of the city’s busiest routes, our expertise in creating quality markings to a strict timescale was critical.

The city will review its use of red routes later in the year. Other councils will no doubt be watching too. If they are successful in improving congestion and air quality in Nottingham, we could soon be creating more red routes across the UK.

City Centre Red Routes


RAF Benson Enlists Riggotts

Situated in South Oxfordshire, RAF Benson has been committed to operations and support operations throughout the world since 1939. Home to two-thirds of the RAF’s support helicopter force, it is one of the busiest stations in the RAF with personnel deploying regularly.

RAF Benson approached Riggotts regarding the need to bring their line markings up to date, especially the centre line dots on the runways, which were not only ready for a refresh but needed to be brought up to the latest specification.

To carry out the works, the line markers first needed to start with a blank canvas. The first stage of the project was, therefore, to remove the blocks at the ends of each of the runways. Once removed, the team set to work marking all the necessary lines including ‘stop bars’ on taxiways, new centre dots and dedicated pedestrian walkways.

Shane Cutter, line marker at Riggotts, commented: “It was great working for such an important client such as RAF Benson – it’s an extremely busy station so we had to work around daily operations and not cause any inconvenience to those using the station. The job only took five days and hopefully means that operations can now run more efficiently and effectively.”


Margaret McMillan School Bradford

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service which is second to none, so when we were asked to create an area for children to socialise and learn at Margaret McMillan School in Bradford…we did just that.

Our first job was to provide a non slip coating to the existing concrete paving slabs, matching the general theme of the area. We then installed an MMA non-slip coating to a specification of colours and shapes, matching our client’s bespoke drawings.

Involvement in bespoke projects has its disadvantages, manufacturing of specific coloured materials and tight deadlines can be hard to juggle – but we think you’ll agree the end product makes it all worthwhile!


Aberdeen Airport

Riggotts have completed a £30,000 line marking contract to revamp Aberdeen Airport’s car parking facilities in just two weeks.

The project was delivered for leading construction project management company GOLDBECK. Riggotts were responsible for re-marking the lines within the airport’s multi-storey car parks, as well as road and walkway markings leading to the parking facilities.

All car park line-markings were revamped using thermoplastic, the bay, road and walkway markings were re-painted using single pack epoxy – a fast-drying, long-lasting and chemical resistant paint.

For more information about Riggotts’ car park line marking services call 0800 848 8414.


As Bright As You Can Please

Riggotts recently completed line marking and surface coatings for a brand new car park at Winfred Holtby and Tweendykes school. Their work included the use of slip-resistant acrylic coatings, thermoplastic for the bay markings and cold plastic resin for the individual logos.

The order was placed by Morgan Sindall PLC on Tuesday, for a rapid completion on Thursday before the Easter weekend handover – so they had to get to work!


London Motor Show

Riggotts took pole position at the London Motor Show after creating a temporary race track and show stand for car enthusiasts to enjoy.

The Nottinghamshire-based line marking company was appointed by stand designers to mark out the Aston Martin stand inside the hall at the Excel Exhibition Centre, as well as create a mini race track for Mazda.

The designers were looking for a line marking material that would provide flexibility in bright colours and could be quickly applied due to the tight turnaround of the exhibition.

Both jobs were completed using Esseline CR, one of the latest products in the company’s unique Esseline range.

Esseline CR is a cost-effective and highly durable chlorinated rubber line marking and surface coating material, designed specifically for use on both external and internal asphalt and concrete surfaces.

The markings are dry for wheels in just 15 minutes and will retain its colour brilliance in all conditions. This ensures it stays looking as good throughout the show as it did on the first day.

The team worked throughout the weekend to mark out the required areas alongside other contractors who were also working to extremely tight deadlines.

The results were superb and really added to the high-class racing theme on the Aston Martin stand and race track areas.

For more information on the Esseline range of surface coatings and line markings, contact us.


Tesco Extra Dudley

Riggotts complete new Tesco Extra store at Dudley.

As well as installing all the white lining at the new store, Tesco implemented new red designated areas to the disabled and parent and child parking areas. Riggotts worked closely with the client to source the correct materials for the job – meeting the client’s expectations and ensuring a finish that was second to none.

Luckily we had the knowledge and know-how to deliver everything the client requested and more, take a look for yourself…


Ikea Superstore

Ikea superstore opens its doors on time thanks to Riggotts.

One of the UK’s newest Ikea superstores was able to open its doors to the public on time after Riggotts completed major work on the store’s car park in just six weeks.

The Nottingham store needed its car park colouring quickly in order to allow Ikea to remain on track with its challenging completion programme.

Riggotts successfully completed the project within the six-week timeframe and to budget, ensuring that the superstore could open on time.

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Charles Wells LTD

Riggotts cross the line with Charles Wells.

Leading pub company Charles Wells Ltd was able to keep within the lines of its tight opening schedule, thanks to a record-breaking turnaround from Riggotts.

The company required approximately 15,000 metres of lines to be laid out and marked at its new distribution centre in Bedford.

Riggotts completed the mammoth task in a record-breaking four days, meeting the deadline of the depot’s official opening date.

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