Dynamic Line Marking for Builders Merchant Branch in Norfolk

23rd June 2021by galinar84News

Dynamic Line Marking for Builders Merchant Branch in Norfolk

23rd June 2021by galinar84News


In our line of work, different surfaces present different problems and solutions. For example, asphalt can presents difficulties with paint and concrete with thermoplastic. However, that’s why we use methods to ensure complete adhesion no matter the surface or material.

A national builders merchant asked us to complete works at one of their branches in Norfolk, but as the surface was a light concrete, they wanted the line markings to stand out more – making them more visible, ergo, safer for their customers.

What was the problem? The line markings wouldn’t stand out as much on that particular surface type. What was the solution? We introduced “Dynamic Line Marking.” We created a solid black background for the line markings making them not just more visible but hard not to notice.

During this visit carrying out our new dynamic line markings, the Riggotts Paint Crew Carried out over 600m of 100mm lining, 140m of yellow hatching, over 400m of 200mm lining, Ten arrows, 13 pedestrian logos, 115 meters squared of solid areas and 22 meters squared of removal work. All of which was carried out in our single pack epoxy paint.

Another happy client.

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