Barnsley Ford Forecourt Line Marking

12th May 2021by galinar84News

Barnsley Ford Forecourt Line Marking

12th May 2021by galinar84News


With the UK looking towards the hopeful end of this arduous pandemic, and the further lifting of lockdown rules, people are finally able to leave the house and venture out towards the long-awaited return of non-essential shops – which includes car dealerships/forecourts.

One thing we’ve learnt about this pandemic is that appearances when looking online are essential. However, when things finally return to normal, the appearance of a physical shop will be just as necessary to bring clients through the door.

Recently, Riggotts National Line Marking carried out forecourt line markings for international car manufacturer Ford in Barnsley, South Yorkshire – refreshing their forecourt ready for new customer visits.

In total, the forecourt renovations included 6m2 of removal by thermic lance, two disabled logos, eleven 600×100 Pads, 65no 600×200 Pads, fifteen 1200mm letters, eight 700mm letters, 5m2 of solid areas, 4m2 sealing with tack coat, 369m of forecourt line marking. All the work carried out was laid in thermoplastic.

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