Delivering Internal Warehouse Line Markings for Atherstone Distribution Centre

15th March 2021by galinar84News

Delivering Internal Warehouse Line Markings for Atherstone Distribution Centre

15th March 2021by galinar84News


Applying warehouse line markings on floors has been a persistent problem for many years. When paints are applied on an unprepared surface, the warehouse line markings don’t have the same adhesion properties. As a result, the line makings can fail within only a matter of weeks.

Our surface preparation method using our specialised captive shot blasters and enhanced sealing after paint application is proven to produce warehouse line markings that last, not just days or weeks, but for years to come.

Within a warehouse environment, every part of the building must be looked at meticulously to comply with health and safety standards. Your warehouse markings are critical to your overall health and safety – outlining the structure and traffic flow throughout the area. These markings are also a powerful method of outlining hazards and communicating information to customers and employees.

As well as outlining potential hazards and conveying information to the operatives and customers using the facility, they are a proven method of improving warehouse efficiency.

Recently, the Riggotts team carried out internal warehouse line marking, captive shot blasting, and improved longevity sealing in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

The total amount of works carried out for the client was as follows; 4264 metres of warehouse line marking, 123 metres squared of solid area, 418 300mm letters and numbers, 14 pedestrian logos, 344 metres squared of sealer. Our team used the captive shot blaster to prepare all the above works before applying paint to promote adhesion and sealed after to increase longevity.

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