New Road Markings for Solihull Roundabout

30th November 2020by galinar84News

New Road Markings for Solihull Roundabout

30th November 2020by galinar84News


At the best of times, roundabouts can be a little tricky to navigate. Size, traffic conditions and the quality of the road markings can all contribute towards the difficulty of a roundabouts use – if the road markings are worn and are unclear, we all know it makes things much harder navigate – increasing the chances of an accident.

In a recent report by the police, just last year (2019) alone, there were 27,820 road users killed or seriously injured on roundabouts in the UK.

While all the above accidents and injuries can’t be all blamed on poor road markings, we can speculate that a significant majority started in not being able to navigate the roundabout correctly due to the quality of the road markings.

To combat a growing potential hazard in Solihull, the Riggotts team confronted the problem head-on; with their experienced crews and superior materials. In total, the Riggotts crew completed a total of; four 4m single head arrows, four 4m double head arrows, eight metres squared of solid area, 142m 100mm line marking and 26m 150mm line marking.

All in all, the Riggotts thermoplastic team carried out the works professionally, on time and to budget. Another happy client and just another example of improved road markings they have fulfilled.

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