Red Zone Line Marking for Nottingham NHS 

26th October 2020by galinar84News

Red Zone Line Marking for Nottingham NHS 

26th October 2020by galinar84News


Red zone line marking is a proven method of ensuring that roads in said zones are free from stopped vehicles, improving the flow of traffic, increasing efficiency and lowering traffic build-up.

There are many uses for red zones and various types: 

• Double red lines mean that vehicles may not stop at any time.

• A single red line has its exceptions and vehicles may stop – typically between an allotted time or day. For example; between 10 am – 4 pm and 7 pm – 7 am Monday to Friday. 

If on your travels, you stumble upon a dashed red lined bay, this space may be reserved for loading only. For instance, these spaces may be found outside shops or stores. It might be worth a mention that if found not adhering to these rules, there are likely to be fines involved.

However, there are a few instances where stopping is allowed in a red zone: 

• To prevent an accident occurring.

• When directed to do so by a police officer.

• To allow emergency vehicles to pass.

• If your vehicle has broken down.

While appearing on the roads in most cities around the country red zone line marking also can be found around our hospitals – making sure that people don’t block the essential routes for emergency vehicles.

To combat this exact problem, the NHS site in Nottingham required our help. Carrying out all works in thermoplastic to ensure longevity, the Riggotts crew completed a total of; 705 metres of line marking, 21 600 x 100 give way markings, 33 600 x 200 give way markings, four 1200mm letters and numbers, three metres squared of solid area and twelve speed hump triangles.

The Riggotts thermoplastic crew completed the job, on time and to budget with no disruption to the NHS site.

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We operate internationally, all the while delivering outstanding works without compromising on quality.

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