First-Class Line Marking delivery for Royal Mail Heathrow

12th October 2020by galinar84News

First-Class Line Marking delivery for Royal Mail Heathrow

12th October 2020by galinar84News


Established in 1516, The Royal Mail Group plc is the UK’s most popular postal service, initially operating as a department of the English government – the companies subsidiary “Royal Mail Group Limited” runs the brands Parcelforce Worldwide and Royal Mail.

As of 2019, the Royal mail group operates a total of 37 distribution centres – the largest of which is the worldwide hub at Heathrow Airport, Slough. The enormous hub itself has thousands of people under its employment, with health and safety key, and rigorously planned out routes aimed for efficiency.

In such a parcel sorting machine, distribution centre line marking is of paramount importance – not only for increased efficiency but to keep its thousands of employees safe.

Holding over 25 years of experience in the line marking industry, Riggotts know precisely how to approach the task ahead in keeping Royal Mail and its employees safe.

In total, the line marking carried out onsite was as follows; four arrows, seven speed roundels, 61 pedestrian logos, 260 metres squared of solid areas, 443 letters and numbers, and almost 4000 metres of line marking.

The Riggotts team carried out the works with their single pack epoxy paint. To improve adhesion and longevity of the line marking, all surfaces were prepared using their specialist captive shot blasting equipment.

All in all, the project was a great success, with all works completed on time and to budget.

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We operate nationally and more recently internationally, all the while delivering outstanding works without compromising on quality.

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