Rapid results for Rochdale Distribution Centre

24th July 2020by galinar84News

Rapid results for Rochdale Distribution Centre

24th July 2020by galinar84News


During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen a great deal of companies invest and upgrade their health and safety measures in line with the government’s COVID-19 prevention guidelines whilst workers are away on furlough. They are making sure that when their workers come back to work, they are protected, especially if the workplace can often be crowded.

At Riggotts we understand that distribution centres are extremely busy facilities, so when you need work doing, we will fit our work around your business. Having delivered health and safety line markings for several distribution centres throughout the UK, we know a thing or two about how to deliver works effectively and efficiently.

Whether its COVID-19 prevention markings, walkways, HGV loading bays or pedestrian crossings we use our over 800 years of combined experience to deliver works that not only are up to health and safety regulations but provide efficiency throughout the distribution centre.

Earlier this week, one of the Riggotts paint crews were carrying out essential works for an existing client at one of their distribution centres in Rochdale.

In total the experienced paint crew carried out over 10,000 metres of line markings, 75 pedestrian logos, 11 speed roundels, several give way markings, 104 numbers/letters, 69 metres squared solid area and 31 arrows. To guarantee the best adhesion, the crew used a single pack epoxy paint, ensuring longevity and durability.

If you like what you hear and require any of our distribution centre line marking services, please get in touch. We operate nationally and more recently internationally, all the while delivering outstanding line markings without compromising on quality. So, no matter the size, budget, location or deadline, we’ve got you covered. If you need advice on ensuring you’re compliant with your health and safety markings get in touch to arrange for a site visit.

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