Thanking our NHS with Top Notch Line Markings

28th May 2020by galinar84News

Thanking our NHS with Top Notch Line Markings

28th May 2020by galinar84News


Continuing with the theme of showing support for the NHS and all key workers during these difficult times, we have carried out essential works for Grimsby Council outside the NHS Grimsby hospital.

During our visit to NHS Grimsby, we carried out over 30 metres of 100mm double yellow lining, clearly marking no parking areas around the hospital grounds. To show our appreciation and that of Grimsby Council, we also carried out lettering spelling “Thank you NHS”.

It’s only a small gesture of appreciation, but every person who drives over this small signage will see and hopefully feel the same way. We are all very thankful for the hard work of all key workers while the rest of us are contained in lockdown.

Parking restrictions in the UK have been in use since the 1920s, with the primary goal of preventing vehicles parking on the roadside.

Double yellow lines are the most common parking restriction used – they do not allow vehicles to wait at the side of the road at any time.

However, loading or unloading from the vehicle is permitted, and dropping off or picking passengers is also permitted.

Single yellow lines have different rules. Near a single yellow line, there will be an upright sign with information about when vehicles are allowed to park – this could exclude certain times of the day or weekdays for example.

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