Infrastructure road markings at NHS Nightingale

27th April 2020by galinar84News

Infrastructure road markings at NHS Nightingale

27th April 2020by galinar84News


With Coronavirus (COVID-19) still on the rise and the UK still in lockdown, our crews are still hard at work carrying out essential projects.

Riggotts recently carried out a helipad installation project at the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London with only one day’s notice, a true testament to our philosophy that we try to complete any job no matter the size, deadline or budget.

This time with only eight hours’ notice, our crew carried out infrastructure road markings seamlessly, allowing the all-important emergency services and front-line workers to safely navigate the previously unmarked roads leading up to the NHS Nightingale itself. The project consisted of a multitude of road line markings, signage and lettering, making the roads safer for all who would use them.

So, what are the safety benefits of infrastructure road markings?
One of the most important advantages to using infrastructure road markings is the improvement of road safety that comes with them.

Infrastructure road markings can be made to be highly reflective, making them much easier to see at night, and in adverse weather conditions where visibility is drastically reduced in comparison to unmarked or poorly marked roads.

When using thermoplastic infrastructure road markings, the thermoplastic is layered, building up to create rumble strips which provide drivers with physical feedback in the form of prominent vibration and loud rumbling noise. This helps raise awareness of imminent danger spots and alerts drivers to their speed, resulting in less frequent crashes and accidents.

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Infrastructure road markings at NHS Nightingale.

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