Thermoplastic Car Park Line Marking in Carlisle.

31st March 2020by galinar84News

Thermoplastic Car Park Line Marking in Carlisle.

31st March 2020by galinar84News


With Coronavirus taking over the news, we thought it best to share a news story which takes us away from the chaos during this lockdown. So here’s some information about a car park line marking project we completed before the pandemic struck.

As we all know line markings don’t just make a car park look nice, they’re there to improve efficiency, accommodate more footfall and to raise health and safety aspects.

Equipped with the highest quality PPE, safety measures and a wealth of experience, our crews were more than prepared to take on the challenge.

During the day carrying out car park line marking can be difficult, with heavy footfall and lots of cars posing potential risks. This time our skilled thermoplastic crew worked throughout the night to complete the project.

During the night, our crew onsite carried out over 3000 metres of line markings to the roadways and specialist bays – rejuvenating the stores’ roadways and the safety of its customers using the specialist bays.

All in all the team put down 38 arrows, 25 disabled bays, 16 parent and child bays, 30 letters and numbers, 253 give way pads including eight triangles, 30 meters squared solid area, two speed roundels and around 3000 meters of lining.

All the above car park line markings improve the stores’ aesthetics and more importantly helps to keep their customers safe.

If you require expertly delivered car park line markings that provide improved health and safety for all who use it, make sure to get in touch today via freephone or email.

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