Providing Pedigree Anti Skid Line Markings for R F Racing Ltd

25th February 2020by galinar84News

Providing Pedigree Anti Skid Line Markings for R F Racing Ltd

25th February 2020by galinar84News


Richard Fahey Racing Ltd required the thoroughbred pedigree that Riggotts offer to deliver adequate anti-slip resistance to their surfaces to ensure their horses and staff stay safe while on site.

The North Yorkshire based company has made significant improvements to their yard, including the addition of 44 extra stables and furlong indoor riding facilities. The mile-long all-weather and grass gallops cater for over 200 horses each day.

The existing anti-skid line markings on-site had deteriorated and posed a risk to staff and to the safety of the horses which use the yard every day.

With such a heavily used yard area R F Racing Ltd decided they needed to take immediate action to provide necessary safety defences.

During our visit to R F Racing Ltd, the Riggotts thermoplastic anti-skid line marking crew laid a total of 657 square metres of highly resistant anti-slip material at their training facility located on the edge of the Howardian Hills in North Yorkshire a place that can expect inclement weather during the winter months.

Using specially developed slip-resistant materials, we created a high-specification surface that will increase safety for vehicles, animals and people at the facility all year round. Giving R F Racing Ltd peace of mind during any type of inclement weather.

Riggotts were called upon for this project due to our exceptional workmanship. As we’d carried out similar work for the same company previously, they were well aware of the high standards we would deliver.

With our experienced team taking care of the surfaces on-site, RF Racing Ltd could concentrate on galloping home to even more victories in the future events.

If you need any expert advice or require works at your site regarding slip resistant anti skid line markings, speak to one of our experienced team members today, via freephone or email for your free quote.

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