Crew Deliver Health and Safety Line Markings in Chilton

30th January 2020by galinar84News

Crew Deliver Health and Safety Line Markings in Chilton

30th January 2020by galinar84News


Having clear and concise line markings is a health and safety obligation and often can be required by law.

Workplace safety is paramount, and one of the best ways to ensure this is with line markings designed to improve health and safety and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

We know for certain types of businesses line markings are essential for day to day operations. Distribution centres and warehouses are amongst these businesses, as the vehicles which operate at these sites are more often bigger and more dangerous.

With over 25 years of experience and more than 800 decades combined in our workforce, we know that sometimes work simply can’t stop. To reduce disruption, we have products such as Ultra Line Marking and other quick-drying paints to get the job done with minimal disturbance.

As well as quick-drying paints, we offer textured paints which provide grip. This grip, in turn, acts as another health and safety method by helping to prevent falls on slippery surfaces – particularly around areas such as entrances or exits.

When we visit your site, we don’t just provide line markings which last, but we offer line markings which comply with not only our standards but those of the HSE too.

Recently, Riggotts provided health and safety line markings at a site in Chilton. These external works will be used to reduce accidents and possible injuries, protecting the people at risk of injury when walking outside.

After the correct surface preparations and line removal, the crew on-site delivered new hatched areas, pedestrian walkways and zebra crossings while removing existing markings to make way for updated and safer routes around the site.

If you require expert, advice regarding health and safety complying line markings speak to one of our experienced team today, via freephone or email for your free quote.

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