The Importance of Correct Surface Preparation

2nd December 2019by galinar84News

The Importance of Correct Surface Preparation

2nd December 2019by galinar84News


When it comes to line markings, surface coating or any of the products Riggotts offer, there is one common denominator; surface preparation – there is nothing more important than the correct surface prep’.

The Riggotts team have an array of products and services which offer a comprehensive range of surface preparation methods, vital in achieving a durable and permanent result.

Some of the innovative surface preparation methods Riggotts use comprise of both the latest in industry and traditional techniques which include; Damage-free hydro blast treatment, Captive shot blast line removal, Captive shot blast surface preparation, Scabbling and surface scarifying and Diamond grinding.

All of Riggotts surface preparation methods have been trialled and tested to make sure they not only provide excellent adhesion but present a damage-free finished product.

In collaboration with Clean and Retrieve Ltd, Riggotts have access to their state-of-the-art captive shot blaster. With both enhanced portability and performance in mind, the specially designed machine is smaller, more efficient and more powerful than others on the market today – providing you with the best possible results.

No matter what surface or object you are coating, it’s always essential to prepare the surface first, to ensure that the end result is as good as can be.

The latest example of surface preparation is a multi-story car park in Heathrow, London. The client required the installation of pedestrian walkways – improving the health and safety of the car park and directing its users to the exits.

Before the surface could be lined, it required the correct preparation; this meant that the Clean and Retrieve state-of-the-art captive shot blaster was needed to prepare the surface – improving the longevity and performance of the paint.

If you require specialist surface preparation or need advice from the line marking experts, contact us today via freephone or email for your free quote.

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