Filling up the forecourt with Thermoplastic Line Markings

30th October 2019by galinar84News

Filling up the forecourt with Thermoplastic Line Markings

30th October 2019by galinar84News


With over 37.3 million vehicles on the UK roads today, filling up at a total of 8,422 petrol filling stations, maintenance is vital in order to support health and safety for the station’s employees and customers.

An effective way of ensuring the safety of the people working or using the petrol filling stations is Thermoplastic Line Markings. Using state-of-the-art materials and machinery, Riggotts Line Marking has a wealth of experience completing these crafty projects.

As well as the years of experience, Riggotts is also SPA certified to carry out works on any petrol filling station forecourt. With all crews and operatives having to undergo rigorous training.

The latest forecourt project was for returning client Sainsburys at their superstore in Nottingham. The thermoplastic line markings were set throughout the entire forecourt and surrounding roadways – improving traffic flow and the safety of its users.

In total, the works carried out on the Sainsbury’s petrol filling station was Forty-three arrows, 155 600×100, 42 600×200, four give way triangles, 129 numbers/letters, one parent and child logo, 86m2 solid areas, Three speed-roundels, Over 1200m in thermoplastic line markings.

When applied correctly, thermoplastic line markings can provide a safer environment for the people using the roads, parks or walkways where the product can be found. The paint is highly durable, reflective and slip-resistant, due to its coarse finish. The product reduces the chance of near misses on the forecourt where petrol, diesel or other oily liquid spillages can occur.

With the products enhanced reflective properties, the thermoplastic line markings guide the traffic at night – again reducing the risk of injury on or around the forecourt.

So, if you need a certified and experienced crew at your petrol filling station, and are in-need of thermoplastic line markings, contact the line marking experts by phone or email today.

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