Lining around laundry in Single Pack Epoxy for Bourne Textile Services

25th October 2019by galinar84News

Lining around laundry in Single Pack Epoxy for Bourne Textile Services

25th October 2019by galinar84News


One thing Riggotts Line Marking strives for is quality of service.

This is the bedrock on which riggotts stands. After all, without spectacular and professional customer service, they would not have been able to build the customer relationships which have enabled Riggotts to grow.

Keeping with this notion, Riggotts provided Birmingham-based company, Bourne Textile Services, with excellent quality line markings highlighting the pedestrian walkways; improving health and safety while ensuring a dedicated, safe walkway for employees.

Part of the Johnsons Service group PLC, Bourne Textile Services is one of the UK’s leading and largest high-volume laundry/linen hire companies – delivering and collecting over five million items of linen a week throughout the year.

With high footfall and a range of machinery throughout the premises, a durable, long-lasting and vibrant product was required.

In this instance, the Riggotts Paint Crew used Single Pack Epoxy paint – a staple product that has proved its value.

In order to improve adhesion, the crew prepared the surface using their state-of-the-art captive shot-blasting machines before the single pack epoxy was applied – improving the Single Pack Epoxy paint’s adhesion and longevity.

In total, the Riggotts crew carried out 840 metres of Yellow Lining and put down 33 Pedestrian Logos – providing safer walkways for Bourne’s employees.

‘The proof is in the pudding.’

Continuing with the notion that Riggotts value customer care above all else, here’s what the head of engineering at Bourne Textile Services had to say:

“On the 12th of October, you painted our factory gangway lines, and the quality of your work is superb! 

“At our end, we were a bit disorganised. However, your guys took it all in their stride and pressed on and did a fantastic job.”

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