Distribution Line Markings for VolkerFitzpatrick

15th October 2019by galinar84News

Distribution Line Markings for VolkerFitzpatrick

15th October 2019by galinar84News


One of the UK’s leading engineering and construction companies contacted Riggotts to carry out essential line marking at one of their ongoing projects at a distribution centre.

VolkerFitzpatrick operates in the civil engineering, building and rail industries as a contractor, turning over more than £500m per year and employing over 650 people throughout the UK. As a returning client, VolkerFitzpatrick knew what to expect from the Riggotts team: A high-quality product, on time and to budget.

The project in Riggotts’ sights was a distribution centre, requiring new line marking in both thermoplastic and single pack epoxy spray.

The line marking was required to be clearly defined, durable and well laid out in order to create a safer workspace for employees/customers and improve efficiency in and around the centre. Within the distribution centre grounds, the lines would be heavily trafficked by HGVs and large vehicles, however, the high quality of the product used by the Riggotts operatives meant there wouldn’t be a problem with longevity.

In total, the experienced Riggotts crew completed; 27 disabled logos, 17 EV logos, 16 1200mm letters/numbers, 30 pedestrian logos, 23m2 solid areas, 10,919m 100mm white lining, 22m 300mm white lining, 200m 100mm white hatching, 618m 100mm yellow lining and 571m 100mm yellow hatching. All the lining was carefully carried out to the maximum efficiency to improve the product durability.

With the customer’s best interests at heart, Riggotts managed to complete the required works on time and to budget while providing the distribution centre with crucial line marking which boosted health and safety throughout the site and improved efficiency for the densely trafficked areas.

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