Thermoplastic trailer reaches bigger heights at Arndale Shopping Centre

3rd October 2019by galinar84News

Thermoplastic trailer reaches bigger heights at Arndale Shopping Centre

3rd October 2019by galinar84News


With an ever-growing number of vehicles on the road and a less than even number of car parks in the UK, a well maintained and lined car park is essential – two-thirds of British motorists experience some kind of damage to their vehicles after parking in a car park.

Research suggests that if a car park isn’t maintained properly and no lines are there to help guide the general public, a higher number of accidents occur. This shows that a well-maintained car park not only proves to be a safer place for customers/employees but can reduce the number of people having accidents.

Returning client, Makers Construction, enlisted Riggotts to carry out thermoplastic line markings at the Arndale Shopping Centre in Eastbourne.

The Riggotts team immediately ran into a problem. The car park was multi-storey, meaning that the Thermoplastic lining trucks wouldn’t fit due to height, length and their wide turning circle.

Keeping with the statement “Riggotts can complete any job on time and to budget” the Riggotts team got to work.

Knowing the project required thermoplastic lining, they commissioned a state if the art towable Thermoplastic trailer made especially for the Riggotts team.

This custom-built trailer is easily manoeuvrable and, more importantly, is able to fully access a multi-storey car park with ease, fitting under the car parks height restriction of 1.8 metres (when towed by its Mitsubishi L200 companion).

Using the made to measure trailer allowed the Riggotts thermoplastic team to complete a total of 44 give way markers, 47 individual numbers/letters, nine parent and child logos, 22 pedestrian logos, 86 metres squared of solid white, 2919 metres of100mm white line, 90 metres if 100mm white hatching and 156 metres of 100mm yellow line.

This precision lining will allow the car parks users to manoeuvre their cars more easily, and more importantly, the car park is now a safer environment thank to the use of clean, clear line-markings.

If you require our specialist line marking services, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or via our freephone number 08008488414 for a free quote.

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