Riggotts return to the floor at Snowhill Car Park

30th August 2019by galinar84News

Riggotts return to the floor at Snowhill Car Park

30th August 2019by galinar84News


Single Pack Epoxy paint has many applications, and in Riggotts’ industry, the applications are almost limitless. We utilise this durable material for car parks, warehouses as well as airport runways.

Single Pack Epoxy paint not only complies with Riggotts’ stringent quality standards, but it also provides a long-lasting, durable and easy clean finish – giving Riggotts’ clients peace of mind after works have completed by prolonging future maintenance intervals.

Riggotts recently used the advanced material to carry out works for returning client Mike Thelwell Flooring Ltd at Snowhill Car Park, Birmingham.

The works consisted of 946metres of white lining, 14 pedestrian markings, 14 cycle markings, three accessible parking bay markings and 15 metres squared of solid white to form the pedestrian crossings.

As well as improving the clarity and safety of the parking spaces, Riggotts created clear and safer walkways which help to clearly define the routes between pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

The Riggotts team do more than just lining – we can also develop line plans for car parks to maximise the profitability of the space as well as improve safety.

Get in touch with our expert team to begin developing a tailored strategy and layout for your commercial car park using our contact page here.

Single Pack Epoxy Paint - Car ParkSingle Pack Epoxy Paint - Car Park

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