Riggotts join the Jetset

26th August 2019by galinar84News

Riggotts join the Jetset

26th August 2019by galinar84News


The Buckingham Group called out Riggotts to London Luton Airport for a large-scale refresh at one of their multi-storey car parks.

In 2018, over 18.5 million people passed through the airport – a record for the company.

Last year also saw the international airport celebrate their 80th anniversary with a newly upgraded terminal.

Before work could begin at the Luton site, the Riggotts team had to remove previous thermoplastic markings with their captive shot blasting technology. This not only removes the old markings but also better prepares the surface for adhesion.

Once the surface was suitably prepared to ensure the maximum longevity of the works, the Riggotts team lined the top floor with Single Pack Epoxy – a strong material with excellent flexibility.

As the ground floor is a very heavily trafficked area, a different material was used – Thermoplastic.  Thermoplastic lining is an extremely durable method in which heated plastic is applied to the floor and allowed to cure. This tough, hard material is designed to perform under heavy traffic for many years, ensuring that the car park will require minimal maintenance for years to come.

Ensuring minimal disruption throughout the project was also essential. Being the UK’s fifth busiest airport, we had to make sure we had a bullet-proof strategy so that we could have the car park in a serviceable condition as soon as possible.

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