First-class line markings delivery for Royal Mail

26th July 2019by galinar84News

First-class line markings delivery for Royal Mail

26th July 2019by galinar84News


Long-time returning client LARC Construction required Riggotts to carry out a full scale reline at the Jubilee Mail Centre in London for Royal Mail. This time Riggotts had the service yard areas in its sights. As this required the first class service in which Riggotts strives to deliver every time.

The service yard area is highly trafficked, with fully loaded HGVs coming and going 24/7. The line marking materials needed to be tough to withstand the test of time and the HGVs.

Before work could begin at the Royal Mail site, surface preparations had to be made. All the areas which needed relining had to be “prepped” using Riggotts’ state of the art captive shot blasting machine – a machine specially developed for Riggotts. Using this ultra-modern machine Riggotts can be sure to deliver the best results, allowing for maximum durability and longevity for your line markings.

After the surface preparations had been completed, the line marking could begin. The works were carried out in both Thermoplastic and Single Pack Epoxy Paint to ensure the best results. The total amount of product laid was as follows: 1175m of 100mm yellow lining, four 4m arrows, several pedestrian crossings, give way markings, 131 letters/numbers, five pedestrian logos and two speed roundels.

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