Full steam ahead for TransPennine Express UK

24th May 2019by galinar84News

Full steam ahead for TransPennine Express UK

24th May 2019by galinar84News


Worn-out line markings are an issue not just for the UK’s car parks but also for the UK’s railways.

As health and safety rules and regulations tighten, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of safety, ensuring regular maintenance of any safety features you have employed – such as pedestrian markings, crossing markings and directional arrows.

When returning client Mitie, provider of infrastructure consultancy, facilities management, property management, energy and healthcare services, called to arrange some line marking renewal at one of the TransPennine Express stations – Riggotts immediately went to work designing a tailor-made plan of action.

Our Riggotts teams are all qualified in the “Sentinel Card Scheme” – this prestigious accreditation allows Riggotts to work on and off the tracks, adding to our versatility and preventing delays caused by awaiting permits.

Being a nationally recognised safety system used across the rail industry, Sentinal provides its card carriers with proof that they possess the correct skills to undertake a job – having been trained to ensure a safe working environment.

This system acts as a passport of qualifications, allowing the supervisor to see who is qualified and who is not. This has had a dramatic effect on saving lives on the tracks and proves to keep our operatives safe whilst working on the station platforms.

In total, Riggotts applied over 743 meters of white lines, 368 meters of yellow lines and 520 letter markings to the station platform.

All of the works were carried out in single pack epoxy paint – offering enhanced longevity and reflectivity. Keeping the station safer, for longer.

lines and Lettering at train station

Pedestrian safety and train station

Riggotts Line Marking

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